The Sunday Post #25

This week has been a blur.

An emotional blur.

I haven’t cried this much since my late teens.

I’m now twenty-six and it’s very rare that I have emotional outbursts but this week has pushed me over the edge.


So, last weekend basically flew by and when Monday rolled round, I felt utterly exhausted and ready for a year’s sleep.

On Saturday, the Mr and I had a super chilled day in bed before having an evening filled with delicious Chinese food and Horrible Bosses.

Then on Sunday, we went to the Food, Drink and Home show in Event City in Manchester (right near the Trafford Centre) for a few hours which was really nice. We spotted the Northern Brownie stand who are a new company in Leeds and they do some seriously delicious brownies – filled with little chunks of your favourite chocolate bars.


The week has been pretty boring.

The Mr left for Ibiza on Monday afternoon and came back very late on Friday evening. It’s been horrific if I’m honest. It may sound v. over dramatic and for some, spending 5 nights apart is nothing for some people but for me, it’s a bit shit.

So that’s why there have been a lot of tears.

Oh and Mother Nature paid me a visit so it was double the emotion, double the hormones, double the tears and a lot of curling up in a ball.


Pretty Little Liars

Guys, we only have two episodes of PLL left and we’ve still got a lot of unanswered questions. For the first time ever, I watched the episode on my lunch break and I’m not all that sure what to think of it.

The game has most definitely been kicked up a notch. With the help of Mona, the girls discover that Aria is working for A.D. and I really liked the confrontation scene in the forest. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they think Mona is A.D. but in all honesty, I think the writers are doing this on purpose. I strongly believe that Mona is trying to help the girls but I also think that she’s lost the plot again, as she seems to be completely fascinated by the board game.

In terms of romance, this was an incredible episode. We saw all four original couples get together; one got married, one discovered the truth, one reunited and one had sex in the forest (as you do).. I do think that this season has been a hit and miss when it comes to love within the show; some weeks, it’s really strong and powerful, but then we’ll have a few episodes where it’s really weak and lacking substance.

The main storyline of this episode is surrounding who murdered Archer Dunhill and with Tanner coming back to Rosewood, you just know that the final two episodes will be crazy (or so we all hope!).

Despite enjoying this episode, I don’t have a lot of opinions of it. It was good, Aria never put out the fire (plot hole right there) and in all honesty, I just want to know who A.D. is now. According to a few spoilers online, we will discover who A.D. is right at the beginning of the final episode and then we’ll probably get a thousand answers rolled into two hours.

In other news…

I’m still reading Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. It’s annoying me how long it’s taking me to read it but I have zero time at the moment and when I do have time, all I want to do is sleep.

I had my first driving lesson since 2015 and it went surprisingly well. I wasn’t as rusty as I thought I’d be which is a bonus and despite feeling super anxious, it made me remember why I enjoy driving so much.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week.

EL xx

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