The Sunday Post #26

I have no blog motivation.

I have no content ideas, no tweets scheduled and honestly, juggling a blog with a full time job is a lot harder than I thought it’d be.

I thought I’d have the energy once I’m home from work, but all I want to do is see the Mr, eat good food and fall asleep at 9pm (which I have been doing).

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and despite these Sunday post’s being created for the weekly highlights, they’ve become quite the “catch up with me” posts.

Perhaps I should write one of those?



The Previous Weekend

Saturday and Sunday of the last weekend were absolutely bliss.

The Mr came home from Ibiza so I basically spent all my time with him. We cooked, we went bowling, we walked along Southport Promenade, we relaxed in the garden, we saw both of our Dad’s for Father’s Day and had the most delicious BBQ.


Date Night

We all know how much the Mr and I love Prezzo, so with our weekly deal arriving, we decided that a trip there was well needed. I went for the chicken carbonara which was absolutely delicious.

If there’s a Prezzo near you, I highly recommend as we’ve never had a bad meal there.


Pretty Little Liars

Who is ready the two-hour episode on Wednesday?

Not me.

Despite the episodes being a hit and miss, I’ve actually loved the entire show as a whole, but I really hope that the A.D. reveal is a massive shock.

So, Farewell My Lovely was focused on Mona and the girls thinking that she is A.D. (because she had the game). Oh, but you can’t fool viewers; we knew all along that it wasn’t her. The big answer of the episode is that Mona accidentally killed Charlotte. She went to the bell tower with the full intention of pushing her off, but in reality, she couldn’t go through with it. After a bit of a scrap, she pushed Charlotte into part of the wall (that’s where she got her head injury) from and it killed her instantly. This was all done in a flashback which I loved and it revealed that Charlotte was planning on continuing the game. With the Liars finding out who her killer is, A.D. ended the game and drove off into the fake green screen sun…

I feel like everything else that happened doesn’t really matter but I’ll touch on those briefly; Aria almost got caught by the police with Archer Dunhill’s body in the boot and when she planned on going to the police, Ezra stopped her and someone took the body from the boot of the car. Oh I wonder who that could be? *sigh*

Mary Drake came back for the final time; gave Spencer and Alison the Lost Woods Resort and then, took the blame for killing both Mrs D and Archer Dunhill which meant the girls all went free. Kinda sweet, if you think about it. It was nice to see that Spencer finally saw her as her Mother rather than just a woman who gave her away.

Remember when we were given a trailer with the classroom “he’s coming for you” scene? Well, that was a flop. Turns out, it was a dream which Emily was having about Archer Dunhill waking from the dead and coming for Alison. Ironic how the dream from seen from Ali’s point of view, but it was Emily who was dreaming.. Yet another slip up from the writers.

I do believe that Spencer’s twin is A.D. but I’m ready for a massive shock.

EL xx
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