The Sunday Post #27

Hello Autumn, we didn’t expect you so flipping early!

It’s supposed to be Summer here in the UK but since the heat wave buggered off, we’ve had mountains of rain as well as the occasional thunderstorm.


The Previous Weekend

Saturday was one of my favourite days.

My best friend, who I met through University (and now lives back in Newcastle), came to Liverpool on Saturday. We met around half 10, had breakfast in Moose, shopped until we dropped and then met up with the Mr for dinner at CHY (aka. the best Chinese food in Liverpool).

You know you’ve got a best friend for life when you go 20 months without seeing one another but you’re still as close as ever.

A trip to Newcastle is definitely on the cards.

Saturday Plans 

Yesterday, the Mr and I went to the Trafford Centre simply because I was in despite need of a phone upgrade and I finally got one! I ditched my knackered iPhone 4 for an iPhone 7 Plus which I’m already obsessed with. I can’t wait to shoot some blog photos using the portrait mode.

In terms of food, we had Five Guys for lunch which was delicious as always and for a v. late dinner, we had home made haddock and pea risotto which was seriously good.


Pretty Little Liars

It’s all over.

No more mystery texts, no more amazing outfits, no more twists. I will truly miss the show because it’s been part of my life for the past seven years (sounds sad, I know), but I really became attached to the plot and the characters.

I’m extremely happy with how it all ended.

So what happened? I’ll go through each character…

Aria: Aria’s main storyline throughout the episode was her wedding to Ezra and finding out that she can’t have children. Despite this bringing sadness to their relationship, I really liked that Marlene decided to include it as it’s very realistic and in a group of friends, it’s likely to happen. The wedding didn’t go exactly to plan as A.D. kidnapped Ezra (why?) so they didn’t get married the way they originally wanted to, but still, I’m glad they said I do and that my favourite “ship” on the show are tied together forever.

Emily and Alison: These two went hand in hand during the episode. Within the one year time jump at the beginning of the episode, they had twin girls. TWINS! AGAIN! It’s like the theme of the show. I don’t think they ever found out who the father is (it’s Wren by the way) but their relationship was utterly sweet throughout. Alison was meeting up secretly with Pam (mum to Emily) about proposing and using a family ring, but in reality, it ended up happening whilst wearing a pug sweater. I love the fact that they got engaged but I wanted to see the girls’ reactions.

Hanna: The character who I’ll probably miss the most out of them all. Hanna and Caleb are married (we saw that in a previous episode) and currently trying for a baby. Hanna allows Mona to leave with them for a short period of time, much to Caleb’s annoyance. They didn’t really have much of a storyline in the finale aside from Hanna revealing that she’s pregnant at the very end.

Spencer: Where do I begin? We’ve all been aware of the Spencer twin theory since the beginning of S7 and it came as a sort of shock that A.D. was in fact, Alex Drake aka. Spencer’s evil twin. I flipping loved the reveal. It’s probably my favourite episode of S7 simply because it was pulled off superbly. Aside from the dreadful British accent (lets not even touch on that), but the flashbacks which confirmed what fans already knew was exactly what the storyline needed. I liked that fact that Wren was involved but exactly how did Alex kill him? Another unanswered question… I also enjoyed seeing the relationship between Alex and Charlotte; a bond which Spencer will never have. Why did Alex kidnap Ezra? Yet another question going unanswered!

Overall, I really enjoyed the final episode and I’m happy with how it all tied nicely together. The three aspects which I didn’t enjoy were still not knowing how the Mum’s got out of the basement, the very last scene (no need for that) and there was no major death – I thought the writers would have left us a little heartbroken. I guess Wren’s death can be included but not many people will be deeply shocked by that.


In other news…

I’ve finally finished reading Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. I began reading it in May and due to a hectic few weeks, I simply didn’t have the time to read it. However, all that changed pretty recently when I started getting into work at 8am purely so I can enjoy a cup of tea whilst reading before my day began. The review is coming this week.

My driving lessons are still going on. I actually broke down this week. As in, emotionally broke down. Before my lesson, I was really horribly anxious about it and for some reason, I stupidly allowed the emotions to get better of me which led to me becoming a blubbering mess into of my instructor. Thankfully, he’s a nice guy (wasn’t his fault in the slightest) and managed to calm me down. UGH, don’t you just love anxiety? Not.

EL xx
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