The Sunday Post #28

I’m going to start this post on an ultimate high:


*throws confetti*

This week has gone by in a complete blur but with the aid of my snazzy new iPhone 7 Plus, I’ve managed to capture quite a few photos for both my blog and Instagram.


What I’m Reading

On Sunday morning, I started reading This Love by Dani Atkins, which I’ve had on my TBR list for quite a few months since receiving a copy.

I’ve not read a lot of it (only a few chapters), but so far, I’m enjoying it.


Delamere Forest

If you’re in the North West, this is the best place for a big walk.

The Mr and I went last Sunday and spent a good four hours walking our lunch off and slowly edging towards the pub for a cheeky drink.

The ice creams which the cafΓ© do are SO GOOD. Stupidly priced, but really good and of course, I got my favourite: strawberry.


Celebrating my Dad

It was my Dad’s birthday last Saturday, but we decided to celebrate a Sunday simply because we could all go for a roast and oh my, it was SO GOOD.

Afterwards, we all had an ice cream and this is the one which my parents shared.

Calories don’t count on days ending in Y…


The Best Kind of Meetings

On Tuesday, I had a big meeting which was due to last pretty much all day, but when the guy hosted it brought in Krispy Kremes.

Well, that changed it all.


At Home With…

On my old iPhone, I couldn’t listen to Lily and Anna’s podcast but now that I’ve upgraded, I can FINALLY catch up on all their episodes.

This week was with Giovanna Fletcher, who is just a babe, and the episode was incredible. I managed to listen to it in work and it was such a motivation pusher.



The Heat

The weather towards the end of the week has been sticky.

There’s no other way to describe it.

We’ve had worse.

But when one of my colleagues went to the shop for his lunch and came back with ice lollies, our day was made!

Of course, I went for the classic Twister.

Vitamin Sea

Yesterday, the weather was glorious so the Mr and I went to Southport for an afternoon of walking around, going on the carousel, taking photos and enjoying the sun. 

I now look like Rudolf with my sunburnt nose. 

EL xx
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