The Sunday Post #32


The 8th month of the year.

I shit you not, it’ll be Christmas in about 2 minutes.


A Quiet One

This week has been pretty quiet.

I’ve been in the office Monday to Friday, 8am until 5pm and to be honest with you, all I want to do when I get home is chill the fudge out.

But I’m trying to push myself to go out more, see more family members and enjoy myself once I’m out of work.



Maria on BBC Breakfast

I mean, that’s bloody exciting right?

One of my best blogging friends Maria was on TV on Tuesday morning and let me just say; she did an amazing job representing the community.

She was there to discuss magazines going out of print, blogging being more real but they also had an American woman on a video call who essentially hogged all the time.

Nevertheless, Maria smashed it; she looked amazing and she did us all really proud.


Date Night

On Tuesday evening, the Mr and I visited a local pub near where I live.

Fun fact: I used to work there and haven’t been in about 5 years.

The layout hadn’t changed, the wallpaper was rather snazzy but the food was still really, really good.

I went for the fish pie, the Mr went for the burger (kinda wish I had that as well) but dessert was probably the best. I went for hot chocolate fudge cake with a blob of ice cream and the Mr went for millionaire’s shortcake with some whipped cream.

It was flipping delicious.

Definitely going to go back for a roast.

In Other News…

I’ve started reading The Break by Marian Keyes. I’m rather lucky to have an early review copy as it’s out on the 7th September, but let me tell you; I’m enjoying it. Oh and yes, there will be a review coming your way shortly…

My driving lessons are still going. My instructor was on holiday the past two weeks so I’ve not had a lesson but on Monday, we did reverse bay parking again. I’m not all that confident on it but I do need to accept that I’ve not going to be perfectly in the middle of the bay as that hardly ever happens.

EL xx
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