The Sunday Post #37

If you’re reading this on Sunday morning – I’ll be doing last minute packing.

If you’re reading this on Sunday afternoon – I’ll be in the airport.

If you’re reading this on Sunday evening or Monday – I’ll be in Corfu.


Freedom Child

I really wanted to shout from the rooftops about this in last Sunday’s post but the lighting was too rubbish for a proper photo (and the one above isn’t much better to be fair).

In case you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t follow me on Twitter, my all time favourite band The Script have released their new album which is called Freedom Child.

I can’t put it into words how much I love it.

It’s seriously good.

I honestly love all the songs and for me, that rarely happens with a band. Of course, I have my absolute favourites like MakeUp, Rain, Arms Open, Wonder.. but this album has just completely wowed me.

I highly urge you to give it a listen.


What I’ve Been Reading

Last Sunday morning, the Mr was ever so slightly hungover so I decided to start reading You, Me, Everything by Catherine Issac (out in April).

It’s such a beautiful book and I’ve been devouring the plot at any given chance.

As always, there will be a review coming soon.


In Other News…

I had another driving lesson earlier this week. I’m slowly nailing reversing round a corner, but it kinda doesn’t help when you’ve got impatient arsehole drivers beeping at you for no reason.

I’ll be on Instagram + IG Stories all this week posting about my trip away so if you fancy some holiday photos in your life – head on over.

EL xx
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