Corfu Travel Diary: Day One

Oh, Corfu, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.

*that accidentally rhymes*

The Mr and I booked our trip to the gorgeous Greek Island at the beginning of July and ever since, I was looking forward to it.

Greece has always been on my to-see list and I’m so glad that we started with Corfu.

We stayed in Brentanos Apartments in Kaiser Bridge, Perama, Gastouri (25-30 minutes away from the Old Town via bus) which was a lovely and peaceful place.

Kinda forgot to take photos of the interior so that’s my apartment review out of the window.

There are a few things I will say in advance about the apartments:

  1. The bed’s are rock hard
  2. You have to walk up quite a steep hill in order to get there
  3. The outside lights don’t turn off


Sunday 10th September

This was our travelling day, so I’m kinda not counting it as day one.

We got to Manchester Airport T3 around 12:30pm and our flight was scheduled to take off with Ryan Air at 3:10pm.

Nothing ever goes to plan, does it?

We ended up taking off at 5:40pm due to a wonderful 2 hour delay.

Eventually, we landed in Corfu about 11pm and within the hour, we grabbed my suitcase, jumped into a taxi and we arrived at our apartment just before midnight.



Day One: Monday 11th September

Our first full day started with a beautiful sunrise before heading down for breakfast at the hotel. Despite the wasps surrounding us (ugh), we had such a lovely view and it was nice to sit down, eat something and start our holiday properly.

After breakfast, we wandered down to the local shop to get our bearings and oh my, the views were just heavenly.


Once we’d picked up a few supplies (we went self catering by the way), we headed back to the hotel to get settled by the pool for a few hours.

Being by the pool for a good hour or so was utter bliss – I managed to read a few chapters, had a cheeky rum (which was v. v. strong) and started to really relax.


The weather wasn’t exactly on our side as a thunderstorm took place about 2pm which lasted a good two hours. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it was a slight slip to the start of our holiday.

We waited the storm out and decided to head into Corfu Old Town to explore, have some dinner and a few drinks..


Corfu Old Town is seriously beautiful.

The streets are full of little stalls, fresh baked goods, the most amazing gelato and so many souvenirs!

We stopped off at Aegli Panorama Restaurant for dinner. The Mr had a Greek dish which I don’t remember the name of and I went for spaghetti bolognese. The food was good, the service was good and being able to sit outside at 7pm in a dress (with no tights) was just flipping delightful.


After dinner, we stopped off at a local gelato shop for dessert.

I don’t like mango, but for some unknown reason, I really wanted mango gelato and I’m so glad I got one because HOLY DUMBLEDORE, it was amazing.

We strolled by the harbor to have a quick look round before heading back to our apartment for the night.

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