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Sephora is one of those shops that you just have to go in whenever you see it and I was lucky enough to spot it while I was walking through Corfu Old Town.

I’ve never been in Sephora before; I wasn’t really into makeup when I visited New York back in 2013 and I’ve never truly known what to purchase from there.

So naturally, I went in and bought a product you can buy from Debenhams.



The Sephora in Corfu is quite small.

It’s two floors; beauty on the lower and skincare/hair on the upper level. I found it quite overwhelming to walk in and not know where to go first.

In the end, I was drawn towards the Too Faced and Urban Decay section. I’ve never truly had much luck with mascaras and I always rely on my trusty Benefit Roller Lash on a daily basis so I wanted something which would be just as good.


In the end, I went for the travel sized version of Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara which was around $15.

You’re probably wondering why I went for the travel size.

Well, it’s simple: I may not have liked it.

Spoiler: I bloody love it and I’ve only been using it just over a week.

The wand is quite thick, which I haven’t always been a fan of but it surprisingly works for my lashes. By using the Rimmel Shake Volume Mascara as a bottom coat (trust me on this one), the Better Than Sex Mascara applies like an absolute dream. If I weren’t to use the undercoat, my lashes tend to go quite clumpy even with a small application.

In terms of the packaging – it’s impressive, I’ll say that much. As it’s a waterproof mascara, Too Faced have added water drops which is such a clever idea in regards to marketing the product.

Overall, I love it.

It’s the perfect travel size and I’m definitely going to purchase the fuller size once this runs out.

EL xx
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