The Sunday Post #39

Let’s kick start with the not-so-great news, shall we?

I’ve lost my job.

I didn’t mention it in the previous Sunday post simply because I wanted time to adjust to the news, see if anything could be done to prevent my leaving and honestly, I just wanted to keep my mouth shut for a little bit.

So, I leave next Friday.

I’m jazzing up my CV as you read this, I’m applying for Marketing jobs in the Merseyside region and I’m hoping that I’m not out of work for too long.

By the way: I didn’t get sacked (just in case anyone thought I had). There just wasn’t the budget to keep me on anymore.



Liverpool Food & Drink Festival

Oh, what a day.

Despite my crap news, I had a lovely weekend with the Mr (he’s the best). On Sunday, we headed to Sefton Park for the Food & Drink Festival.


We started off at Thomas Cookie which is a cookie brand (no shit, Sherlock). We picked up three cookies; one and a half each because sharing is caring. Next, we stumbled across a brownie stand which I stupidly can’t remember the name of, but nevertheless, they were so good. I went for a salted caramel brownie (not my usual), the Mr went for chocolate orange and the lovely man on the stall kindly gave us a double chocolate one for free. They went down rather well with a cup of tea on Monday afternoon.

After wandering around purchasing sweet treats, we opted for a quick lunch: hot dog for me, chilli cheesy chips for the Mr. I’d just finished inhaling my hot dog when I spotted Sienna from Hollyoaks out of the corner of my eye. I debated with myself about going over, asking for a photo and in the end, I did. She was flipping lovely!

The Mr was fancying something sweet after his mountain of chilli chips so we spotted off at a waffle stand (really should have wrote these names down). We shared one; Nutella drizzled with Twirl on top. It was nice, but after only eating a quarter, I was done.

The main reason why we go to the festival is for the celebrity chefs which get involved. We’ve watched Gino cook and had the pleasure of meeting him, but this year, it was The Hairy Bikers. HOLY DUMBLEDORE. They were hilarious. We had to pay a fiver to get into the tent but luckily, we were on the third row with a brilliant view. They had everyone in stitches and quite frankly, I didn’t care what they were cooking.

It was such a lovely day. The next one is in April 2018 so if you’re around Liverpool or the North West region, definitely think about going!


In Other News…

I had another driving lesson this week. I had to miss a week due to being on holiday, but it was really nice to get back into the swing of things. Remember how I said that I hated reverse bay parking? Well, I normally do full lock on the left hand side, but I tried it on the right this time and it was SO MUCH BETTER.

On Monday evening, I joined a netball club. I haven’t done netball in a decade but it was so much fun to get back into the swing of things. It was exercise, it was fun and for an hour, it was only £3. It only happens within school term times, but I’m really looking forward to going back again.

The Autumn TV is really kicking off: GBBO, Doctor Foster, Celebrity Island, X Factor, Strictly and tonight, the new Benedict Cumberbatch drama starts. I’ve just about caught up with all the shows which I missed while away but there’s SO MUCH CHOICE.

Before I go, just wanted to throw you in this direction: Corfu Day One. I’ve scheduled my three Corfu travel diaries and day one has been live for a few days! Day Two is coming on Wednesday and Day Three is coming on Friday, so check back for those!

EL xx

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