MakeUp Revolution // Renaissance Glow Palette

We all know how fantastic MakeUp Revolution are.

I mean, I’m spoken about them enough on my blog before so you must have heard of them by now. But if not, they’re an incredible makeup brand who are stocked in Superdrug and quite frankly, they’re the perfect go-to drugstore brand.

When I was in Liverpool mid-September, I popped into Superdrug and noticed that they had a new section especially for MakeUp Revolution. Rather than a small counter, they’ve gone all out and really used the space to their full advantage.



Packaging draws you in.

For me, if something catches my eyes then I’m more likely to purchase it rather. When I spotted this particular palette, I was intrigued. MakeUp Revolution allow their products to have a classic and elegant look, but for a very affordable price.

The Renaissance Glow Palette comes with a silky black pouch so when you’re on the move, you can keep it clean without any scratch marks or concealer spillages (we’ve all been there). The purse like clasp really made me think of my Nan and in honestly, that is what finally sold the palette to me.


How beautiful is this palette?

On the left hand side, you have a bronzer which I thought may be heavily pigmented but in reality, it’s quite subtle so if you use it for all over your face, it’s ideal. However, I’ve been using mine for more of a soft contour which you can easily built up if you want more of a lasting all-day look.

On the right hand side, you have the highlighter. Oh, they do highlighters SO FLIPPING WELL. I absolutely adore them. It gives your cheek bones the perfect glow to your skin and I’ve found that it lasts a good 9 hours.

All in all, it’s an amazing duo and for £8, I think it is well worth the money in order to achieve that glowing sun kissed look all throughout Autumn and Winter.

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