The Sunday Post #42

October, slow down babe.

This week has been a lot better in terms of not feeling like utter crap every single day. I’m quickly getting myself into a routine now that I’m in between jobs and to be honest, it isn’t that bad as I have 9-2 looking for jobs, applying, taking phone calls etc and then 2-5, I have time to work on my blog, read books, catch up with family, do a driving lesson and then in the evening, I look at any emails which may have come through in the past few hours before spending time with the Mr.

Nice chunky, accidental intro for you there.



An Early Weekend Start

On Sunday morning, the Mr and I were in the car by 10am heading towards Worden Park. After feeling down in the dumps last week, I really needed some time outside to clear my head and what better way to do that than to go for a walk?

We walked around the park (and in a lot of muddy areas) for a good two hours before heading towards a nearby café for cheesy beans in a jacket potato.

I can’t tell you how good it was to clear my head.


Sunday Baking

Yup, I made those cookies again.

These were a real success with the Mr and my family the first time around so I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon making them again, but this time, with Terry’s Chocolate Orange instead of Diary Milk.

They were gone by the end of Monday.


In Other News…

I attended my netball club again on Monday evening and I’m still completely loving it. Definitely need to get some more workout gear though as I’m tempted to join another class on Wednesday evenings.

I want to tell you about my recent driving lesson, but seeing as I didn’t learn anything new (just went over a few things which I’m a bit nervous about), I think I’m gonna keep my lessons to myself for the time being as I’m very close to booking my test…

I started reading Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher (out in November) at the beginning of the week and in the afternoons, I’ve been allowing myself to take some time out to read. I finished it on Friday and oh you guys, it’s so good. Obviously I’ve got a review coming *cough* on Wednesday.

EL xx
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