A Trio Of Autumnal Lips

Who doesn’t love a good Autumn beauty post?

Once October began, I feel like I’ve started wearing darker lipstick shades and you know what? I’m kinda digging it.


 There are three particular lipsticks which I’ve kept in my makeup collection despite constantly having multiple clear outs a year and they’re just perfect for those Autumnal days whilst going for a walk, shopping or even going out on night out.

I’ve blogged about each of the lipsticks before but for the sake of this post, let’s pretend that I haven’t. Plus, I’m pretty sure there are new faces to my readership so bearing it all in mind and all that jazz.


I have to start with my current favourite lipstick. I mean, it’s been my go-to for absolute months on end and I seriously hope that Collection continue making this shade as it’s just utterly perfect. The shade is called ‘China Rose‘ (the top swatch) which is more of an all year round colour than just for Autumn but I couldn’t help but include it as the colour lasts pretty much all day with it only needing a touch up every now and then.

Rimmel are well known for doing such lovely lipsticks so when I spotted ‘Heather Shimmer‘ (the second swatch), I just knew that it was going to be a perfect shade for Autumn. The Moisture Renew Lipsticks give you all day comfort, the formula isn’t sticky which is ideal for windy days and the colour is a lovely light texture.

Max Factor have underrated lipsticks in my opinion. I have adored the shade ‘Rosewood‘ (the third swatch) for about two years now and basically, it’s Autumn but in lipstick form. The Colour Elixir range gives you the ability to have a strong pop of colour, no matter the shade you chose and actively moisturises your lips throughout the day.

EL xx
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