The Sunday Post #43

This week has been a blur of job applications, cups of tea and rainy days.

I’ve had a few days of feeling low due to my current situation and also being under the weather, but after a big fat cry to the Mr on Tuesday, I’ve felt a little better.

Ya girl is just plodding on.


What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve had so many comments about my recent book reviews and how much you’re all enjoying them now that they’re more regular. With me being out work, there’s more chance for me to read for an hour during my lunch which means more reviews.

This week, I started I See You by Clare Mackintosh.

You guys know how much I love a good mystery book and this one is really capturing my attention so hopefully, I’ll have a review up for you all pretty sharpish.


In Other News…

I missed netball this week due to feeling under the weather and it’s not on tomorrow due to it being October Half Term so hopefully I’ll be back playing in no time.

Another driving lesson happened on Tuesday afternoon where I learnt the two new manoeuvres for the December tests (before you ask, I haven’t booked it yet). They’re pretty easy – driving into a bay before reversing out as well as pulling up on the right and then joining the traffic again. They’re a lot easier than reversing round a corner, that’s for sure.

I know that there’s not a great deal to talk about this week with me being under the weather, but I didn’t want a skip a post.

EL xx
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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #43

  1. Those manoeuvres sound so much more practical! I had to do reverse around a corner in my test. Pulling in to a bay and reversing out is definitely a good one to learn. I’ve just got my first car 6 years after passing my test and driving again for the first time in over a year and I HATE parking between cars in a car park!


  2. I remember learning to drive. Easily the most stressful thing I’ve ever done! It will all be worth it when you pass though.


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