The Sunday Post #45

Oh hi November, it’s nice to see you.

The previous two Sunday posts haven’t been my best, I’ll admit that.

Mentally, I’ve been in a horrible frame of mind and despite not wanting to miss a Sunday post, I feel as though the last two weeks shouldn’t have been posted.

Things are still very much “a work in progress” in my life.

Things which I’ll update you on but there’s one big aspect which I don’t wish to discuss at all for personal reasons.

However, this week has been flipping great and today is the Mr’s 29th birthday so I’ll let you all know about what we’ve been doing this weekend in next week’s post (obviously this was written on Friday afternoon in advance!)


What I’ve Been Reading

As you may know from last week’s Sunday post, I received a review copy of The Place We Met by Isabelle Broom (an author who I love).

I started reading a few chapters on Sunday morning but due to being busy and having builders in the house, I didn’t have chance to properly take time out to read until Thursday evening.

I’m hoping to get a review up for you either this coming Friday or the following week.


Crosby Beach 

I’m quite lucky that Crosby, Formby and Southport beaches are within the area that I live in because you just can’t beat going for a walk along the sea on a fresh day.

The Mr and I went for a stroll on Sunday afternoon for an hour or so, just to clear our heads (he was hungover) and to get some fresh air. It did us the world of good and we went back to his parents house to a delicious homemade veg soup.

I love Autumn when the air is fresh and crisp. It’s just the perfect chance to walk, not think about anything and clear our minds.


Meeting Up With Megan

Holy Dumbledore, I bloody love this girl.

We met on Tuesday afternoon for a quick lunch in Starbucks (which turned into a good 2 hour chit chat about everything + anything) before walking around a park to take some blog photos.

She’s literally me, but 6 years younger than me.

Oh, I can’t tell you how much of a laugh she is. She’s so confident but not in a cocky way, which is really refreshing and she just knew that I needed a day to laugh and forget about feeling like crap. She honestly put the biggest smile on my face.

We met to take some blog photos (I’ve got a post coming on Wednesday so you’ll see those soon) and I believe we’re heading into Liverpool soon to take some more.

This girl. You guys. She’s flipping lovely.

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In Other News…

My driving lessons are going really well. That’s all I’m going to say because a lot of people have been asking about them through the comments and on Twitter, but I can’t really say much more without people guessing the obvious. Ha!

I was back at netball on Monday evening after two weeks off (feeling poorly and then half term) and I just loved being back there. I’m definitely finding my way around the court more that I’m used to playing again. Not sure how I can continually update you on this but at least you all know that I’m working out. Ha!

I finally finished watching Stranger Things 2 earlier this week and I really loved the final two episodes but I wasn’t as hooked as I was during season one. I do think they’ll do another season so I’ll definitely be watching and hopefully, I’ll enjoy it.

I’ve also been burning a new candle. It’s the Blackberry and Bay from Aldi which I absolutely love but I’ve got a full review coming tomorrow for you all.

EL xx
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