The Sunday Post #46

I don’t even know where to start.

Last weekend was just fun and then this week, I’ve had little things happening here and there but I guess the main one being…

I had an interview for my dream job.

I should hopefully hear the decision sometime this week so please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me as it would be perfect.


Birthday Celebrations

Last weekend was all about the Mr turning 29 on Sunday and we had so many lovely plans in order to celebrate so we knew that things would be busy, but in an enjoyable way.

We started on Saturday with a trip in Liverpool which saw us doing a spot of shopping; I got two new workout pieces from Primark, plus a beautiful dress from Next and the Mr treated himself to a new shirt from SuperDry.

We had dinner reservations for 7:30pm at our favourite Chinese restaurant;  Chy. The food there never disappoints, although the chicken noodle soup was extremely salty but the prawn toast was just divine (and my first time trying it!). We had a few drinks and a cheeky jagerbomb in a bar called Fly In The Loaf  before heading back home as the weather turned for the worst and we were both ready for sleep.


Bonfire Night

I think that was the laziest birthday he’s ever had, ha! We stayed in bed until midday on Sunday, drinking cups of tea, having breakfast in bed, watching random TV shows and just chatting away until I eventually threw myself into the shower to make myself feel a bit freshen than the evening before.

We eventually got out of the house around 2:30pm for a walk in the crisp air and we wandered into Costa for a hot chocolate – orange for me (if you ask nicely, they’ll make you one) and billionaire’s for the Mr. I won’t lie, I basically inhaled nice as it was so delicious and it was the perfect chance to get a few Instagram shots.

The evening was spent with his family at Don Luigi’s in Formby where I had chicken liver pate for starter, seabass risotto for main and chocolate fudge cake for dessert. Safe to say, we ate quite badly last weekend but it was a birthday and therefore, the calories don’t count. After dinner, we went to see a local firework display which went on for a good 30-40 minutes and I managed to get a few boomerang’s for Instagram.

All in all, it was a very lovely weekend.


Liverpool Christmas Lights 

Our original plan was to watch the Christmas lights switch on but we got there a little bit too late, the crowds were just chaos and we really wanted to eat. So instead, we had dinner at GBK before picking up a Starbucks fudge hot chocolate and having a wander round L1 as it was late night shopping.

Side note: the sky before getting onto the train into Liverpool was BEAUT.


In Other News…

I cried during my driving lesson on Monday afternoon and once again, I blame reverse bay parking. It’s just not for me and my anxiety always makes an appearance which makes me feel like I’ve had a bad lesson. UGH.

I’ve done zero exercise this week as I didn’t go to netball on Monday evening due to feeling anxious, being in a meh mood and just generally not feeling up to it. The Mr and I were supposed to attend Pilates on Wednesday evening but we just couldn’t be bothered and my pasta food coma was real. Back to it next week, I promise.

As well as slacking with exercise, I’ve not read this week. I’m just not in a reading mood at all this week and it’s really bothered me as I just can’t seem to switch off. It’s flipping annoying as I’m only a few chapters into The Place We Met by Isabelle Broom.

The Christmas adverts were all released this week and it’s safe to say that Kevin the Carrot has won me over once again. Aldi just know how to do the best adverts and I love the puns which they come up with.

EL xx
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