The Sunday Post #47

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:I’m A Celebrity is back tonight!

Much like the previous weeks, this one has flown by and it feels like only yesterday that it was Halloween and now we’re two weeks away from December knocking on our doors.

2017, you’re going at a crazy speed babe.

Once again, last weekend was seriously lovely and it allowed me to properly start off a new week in a very productive mood.



Manchester Christmas Markets

We spent all of last Saturday in Manchester; hopping on the train, being part of the crowd, wandering around all the different stalls and stuffing our faces with delicious food. We opted for a bit of a late lunch around 2pm; a hot dog each and a cherry strudel to share. Seeing as I’ve never eaten a strudel before, I could have easily eaten another. It was so good and gave us a little bit of warmth in our bellies.

Neither of us purchased anything from the festive stalls, mainly because it was v. crowded with it being a weekend but I didn’t see anything which made me think, “I desperately need that.”

So, I saved my pennies and popped into Debenhams to purchase a Jasper Conran coat (full blog post coming this week!).

Side note: the Manchester markets are open until the 20th December!


Murder on the Orient Express

Once we’d wandered around the Markets and the shops, we had a very quick dinner in the food court upstairs in the Arndale before heading into the Printworks Vue Cinema to watch Murder on the Orient Express.

I hadn’t read of any reviews or spoilers, just the trailer and oh my, it certainly didn’t disappoint. I was frustrated with the fact that it took me until the end of the film to realise that Kenneth Branagh (Professor Lockhart) was the detective.

I highly recommend that you go see it. It’s an hour and 45 minutes, not too long but a really good film length.


London 2018 

I’ve waited for a few weeks before popping this little gem onto my Sunday post BUT, the Mr and I have booked our second trip to London. We’re going right at the beginning of January for 3 days/2 nights and I really can’t wait.

We’ve been wanting to watch a show for quite some time and for my birthday, the Mr kindly decided to book us tickets to see Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre on our second evening.


Aladdin has always been my favourite Disney film and we’ve both seen The Lion King (seperately, many moons ago) so it seemed perfect.


Christmas at Bents 

The best garden centre in the North West is Bents, especially at Christmas time as their decorations are just seriously impressive so on Sunday, I spent the afternoon there with my parents (mainly following my Mum around in a circle for 3 hours!).

I couldn’t help myself when it came to the pictures, so sorry in advance for the festive overload but hey ho, this gal LOVES Christmas!

We stopped for a cup of tea and a slice of cake in order to recharge our batteries and then once we left, I had the chillest of all evenings.


A Blogger’s Day In Liverpool

On Tuesday, I met up with Meg once again to spend the day taking outfit photos. After brunch at Cosy Club (I chatted about that more on Friday’s post), we hunted down a leaf wall on Catharine Street, only to discover a yellow door on the corner a street.

It was perfect for the first set of shots.

We eventually found the leaf wall, but due to the change in season, it wasn’t what we’d seen in the photos so hopefully we’ll be able to shoot in front of it next Autumn.

We found many great outfit locations, mainly in the Georgian Quarter and I’m very excited to use them for a few blog posts.


In Other News…

I learned all about under the bonnet during my driving lesson on Monday afternoon which was a lot easier than I thought and I surprised myself by how much I already knew. I’m feeling a little bit anxious about my test..

I returned to netball on Monday evening and once again, I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure if I prefer being centre or wing defence/attack, but I’m gutted that it’s not on for 3 weeks now due to exams. Need to whip out my workout DVD to keep me going!

A little bit of not so great news now… Remember the interview I had last week which was essentially my dream job? I didn’t get it. I received an email on Wednesday afternoon with no explanation. Sucks really, but onwards + upwards!

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7 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #47

    1. I highly recommend the Manchester Christmas markets, definitely one of the best in the UK. The hot chocolate wasn’t mine but according to my friend, it was very good.

  1. I love these pictures, especially the Manchester ones – A lot of my friends have recommended Manchester for Christmassy things lately so I really do need to give it a try. Also I can confirm that Aladdin is good fun, the current lead Aladdin isn’t great but the rest of the cast makes up for it!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  2. That strudel is making me drool. No need to apologize for the festive overload, it makes me giddy!!! Hehe. All of your photos are just so beautiful and Christmas-y. I LOVE IT. You are so lucky to get to take a trip to London and see Aladdin in theatre! That sounds like it will be a m a z i n g.

    So sorry to hear that you didn’t get that job but love that you’re being positive about it. Like you stated, “onwards + upwards” 🙂 You’ll get the next one!! ❤

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