The Sunday Post #48

This week has been extremely quiet.

My body is not a fan of doing bugger all and I think I’m getting a little bit of flu as on Thursday and Friday, I had the sweats and a massive nose bleed but I’m hoping that it’ll pass quite quickly.

On a more festive note, it’s December on Friday.

Holy Dumbledore, I’m very excited.


What I’ve Been Reading 

I spent majority of last weekend reading A Christmas Wedding by Paige Toon which is a short story surrounding one of her previous books, Thirteen Weddings which I absolutely adored.

I basically inhaled the plot and it was the perfect little festive plot.


Fixing My Mental Health

Going for a walk is seriously good for my mental health and on Monday, the weather was pretty good so I decided to take myself for an hour walk just to escape.

I can’t tell you how good I felt afterwards.

It was exactly what I needed and because it was so quiet, I managed to take some lovely photos of the area which I live in.


In Other News…

I’ve been wearing Red Carpet by Collection Cosmetics constantly this week and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s the perfect pop of colour for this time of year and… I’ll explain more in an upcoming blog post!

I had a rubbish driving lesson this week (my fault) as I’ve developed a real hate for roundabouts. So, I felt pretty shite on Tuesday afterwards. My test is in a couple of weeks and I just know I’m going to fail..

The Mr and I went to Pilates again on Wednesday evening which I’m really enjoying. I definitely felt a little bit sore on Thursday when I woke up so I know it’s working.

I caved and downloaded Animal Cross and it’s seriously addictive. It’s a really simple game to play.

EL xx
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