The Best Drugstore Red Lips For Christmas

You can just about hear all the bloggers cracking out their festive red lip and I’m not afraid to say that I’m one of them.

This year, I am LOVING having red lips and I’ve found two from the good old drugstore which are absolutely perfect.

Collection Cosmetics and MakeUp Revolution are two of my all time favourite drugstore brands who have never disappointed me before and their prices are superb.



Red Carpet – Collection Cosmetics

I’ve worn this lipstick SO much throughout the end of November and so far in December because it’s just utterly perfect.

I adore the Lasting Colour Lipsticks as they truly do last for hours on end even though you may have eaten, had a drink or had a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe.

The best way to use these lipsticks is to apply a little touch of Vaseline about half an hour before applying so you can avoid the colour bleeding or going blotchy.

What I like the most about these lipsticks are that they’re such high consistency for only £2.99 and I’m very happy that my collection of their products is continually growing.

I’ll be applying this quite often during December and possibly into 2018. It’s one to wear throughout the entire day if you’re doing your Christmas shopping or if you’re wandering around the markets.


Regal – MakeUp Revolution.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I adore MakeUp Revolution products and it’ll come to no surprise that I bought another of their lip kits. After trying out Reign a few months ago, I just fell in love with the formula and texture.

I’ve wanted a red liquid lipstick for quite a while and when I spotted that they’d brought out a red lip kit, I instantly bought it. You’re probably wondering where the lip liner is and honestly, I still do have it but it’s a little bit orange for my skin tone so I prefer not to use it but I may retry it again.

The formula is pretty long lasting as it’s matte but it is the kind which I prefer to continually top up just in case my lips are dry as I don’t want any cracks or for the colour to bleed out. For £6, this liquid lipstick is incredible and I absolutely adore it.

It’s definitely one to wear during a Christmas night out or if you’re having a family get-to-together over dinner.

Just a little FYI, MakeUp Revolution is only available in Superdrug!


For those who love a good swatch photo, the bottom one is of Red Carpet by Collectionand the top one is Regal by MakeUp Revolution.

They’re both a perfect red for the festive season with Regal being ever so slightly darker but still, they’re both ideal for December and into the New Year.

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