My Favourite Instagram Accounts of 2017

Instagram is one of my favourite platforms.

I’m a visual person and seeing photos continually pop up on my feed (not always in the right time order), is a lovely way to round up the day.

As a blogger, it can be a little frustrating when a photo isn’t given the credit it deserves or when your following drops because you haven’t post in two seconds.

My rule when it comes to beating the algorithm is to follow a small number of accounts and with that being said, I follow under 100 accounts. I realise as a blogger, that will be seen as unsupportive but I spend a lot of my time on Instagram liking, commenting and using the explore page to see new accounts.

I thought that seeing as it’s Christmas, I wanted to share the love for ten of my favourite accounts of the year which are in no particular order, just alphabetical. This post is probably one of my most well loved (and surprisingly, commonly requested) so I’m pretty pleased that you all enjoy them.

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Alice Spake is by far, one of the strongest bloggers I have the pleasure of knowing. I started following her account back in April when she announced that she was having a baby and since then, we’ve become good friends. Her feed is jam packed with coffee, Mum shots (which despite not being a parent myself, I love seeing) and of course, beautiful photos of the very adorable Joshua.


I began following Brogan since watching one of her weekly vlogs earlier this year and since then, I’ve just adored her feed. She has a such a wonderful, uplifting personality which comes across in a real range of shots from food to the beach to her obsession with Disney.


Frances has one of those accounts which definitely deserves more followers. I’ve been following her since her travels last year and we just seemed to hit it off. I seriously love her outfit shots as she has the most amazing sense of style.


I mean, there are no words when it comes to Victoria (inthefrow) and her beautiful feed. Her boyfriend Alex helps her a lot with the photos and they are beyond stunning. I really enjoy her everyday shots in London and of course, when she travels, she excels any expectation.


I’ve been following Jordan for years! She’s your everyday princess with incredibly beautiful photos of her daily life, her outfits and her travels. She’s recently been showing behind the scenes on her IG Stories of how she manages to get those shots in busy places which is brilliant.


Kirsty is more a recent follow and oh my, her travel feed will most definitely give you itchy feet. I absolutely adore how she gives a subtle pop of colour within her photos and she has the most amazing, uplifting personality. I can’t wait to see where she travels in 2018 because the photos are just going to be sensational.


Maria has the ability to make a rotten egg look pretty. I can’t even deal with how incredibly talented this girl is and I’m so proud that she’s been smashing the blogging industry this year. She’s like my little blog sister and I’m always going to be cheerleading for her! She has such a brilliant eye for photography and her feed is jam packed with everything – beauty, fashion and London.


Nadia is one of the kindest bloggers you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting and her feed is just utterly gorgeous with shots of Chester, big cups of coffee and general daily life photos. I always look forward to reading her captions as she fills them with such honesty and that’s what it’s all about.


My love for interiors went through the roof when I became a lifestyle blogger and when I discovered Chelsea and her feed, I instantly loved it. Aside from her home, she posts gorgeous photos of flatlays, happy everyday shots and her adorable cat.


Last, but no means least, we’ve got my #1 girl – Bee. I’ve followed her for a solid five years and her Instagram is just beyond beautiful. Her theme of photos is unlike anything else – dimly lit, moody and extremely well shot. She knows how to do an AD very well! She knows exactly what the community loves and my Instagram has grown because of her, she loves shouting out accounts and spreading the love between bloggers. Ugh, she’s just an absolute babe of a human.

Make sure you go over and follow these lovely ladies if you don’t already!

EL xx
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