The Sunday Post #51

It’s hard to believe that next Sunday is Christmas Eve.

But, I am well and truly enjoying December and trying my best to make the most of it. I am however, completely slacking with the festive films so I’m hoping that next week, all that will change and I’ll watch quite a few whilst wrapping presents.

Just in case you’re wondering about these Sunday posts, you’ve obviously got today’s but then next week will be the last one of 2017. Am I going to continue with them in the New Year? I think so, they always go down a treat and I’m actually proud of myself that I’ll have completed 52 of them this year – one for each week.


What I’ve Been Reading

Continuing on from last week, I’ve been reading the same book this week which is How Do You Like Me Now by Holly Bourne (June, 2018). I can confirm that it’s a brilliant book which an incredibly feisty main character. I’ve well and truly been enjoying the book and I’ll probably pop up a review just after Christmas for you all.


Saturday Christmas Shopping

Last Saturday, the Mr and I popped into Warrington which is a short drive from where we live and we fancied a change of scenery. Christmas shopping wasn’t a success as it was pretty busy and I needed to get home in time for an evening out (nothing exciting, just back at my old job for a little while).

We stopped off in Rhode Island Coffee for a pit stop hot chocolate and I can confirm, it’s seriously cosy and the food is just delicious.


A Sunday Well Spent

Last Sunday after my post went live, the Mr and I went into Formby for a full day of watching the football in one of our favourite pubs. It was a double derby day; Liverpool vs. Everton which was the Mr’s game and Manchester United vs. Manchester City which was my game. We left about half way through my game after Lukaku gave away a goal (sigh), so we could go to Toby Carvery for a roast and believe me, it was utterly delicious.


Decorating The House

Seeing as I still live at home with my parents, I’m not the one who decorates the house but my Mum does a pretty amazing job especially of the fireplace. It definitely feels like Christmas once the living room has been decorated and the tree is up.


In Other News..

Here in England, we’ve had our fair share of cold weather throughout this past week or so. Last weekend, we woke up to a little flurry of snow whereas in London and Scotland, it was incredibly thick. I’ve definitely noticed a drop in temperature as it’s unbelievably difficult to get out of bed in the morning. How British of me to talk about the weather..

So, I took my driving test on Wednesday morning and as you can probably guess from me slipping this in right at the end, I didn’t pass. I was five minutes away from being back at the test centre when a school boy ran out in the road and the examiner slammed on. The second they touch those pedals, it’s an instant fail. I had a cry about it, I had an angry rant about it but with extremely poor visibility due to heavy rain, I didn’t see him run out. Driving back to the test centre was a complete blur, I don’t remember any of it. My driving instructor told me that I’d been noted down for 6 minors so if that school boy had actually been in school, where he should have been, I would have passed. SIGH. I’ve got it rebooked for the beginning of February so here’s hoping I’ll pass second time round because this girl wants to drive herself to Maccies.

EL xx
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