The Sunday Post #02

It’s Friday afternoon as I’m writing this.

I’m sat on the sofa, it’s almost 4pm and it’s still light outside.

I’m in my dressing gown, the one I’ve lived in since Tuesday.

I have no idea what’s been going on with my body, but I felt beyond exhausted, queasy and light headed. I think it’s a big mix of the festive period, eating far too much, the bad air in London and it’s just the time for my body to be poorly.

Hopefully, I’ll be as right as rain for this week.

It’s a big one.

I start my new job tomorrow.


What I’ve Been Reading

I finally finished What Fresh Hell? by Lucy Vine on Tuesday after a solid two weeks of reading bits here and there. Of course, I have a review coming up for you all which will be on my blog at the end of the month.

On Wednesday, I started Coming Home To Island Home by Erica James and despite it being a historical fiction narrative, I’m enjoying it so far. I’m only a few chapters in, but so far, so good.


A Trip To The Beach 

Formby Beach has quickly become one of my favourite places.

So much so that it’s a top priority on my to-drive-to list once I pass my driving test.

Last Sunday, the Mr and I decided to get outside into the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. Little did we realise, that we’d spot five sausage dogs (much to my delight) and have to park quite far away in order to visit.

There’s something v. relaxing about going to the beach, having a wander and clearing your mind free of nonsense.


New Specs

I first had my eyes tested in May 2016 once I was home from my trip to Australia and New Zealand. Ever since, I’ve been wearing glasses for driving, using my laptop and other screens which are a little bit far away.

Over the two years, my glasses have started to put dints in the side of my nose which isn’t fun and actually quite sore. So on Monday morning, I found myself on my way into my local town bright and early for an eye test and to pick up some new glasses.

£135 later, I left Specsavers and I pick up my two new pairs on Saturday..


Short Hair, Don’t Care

I realise that I haven’t shown off my new hair.

You may know from my blog posts that I used to have pretty long hair (still going to be shown in a few upcoming outfit photos) but just before Christmas, I decided to go for the chop. My hair was healthy and in great condition, but I fancied a change.

New hair, very much in love with it.


In Other News…

My lips are doing Dry January. Seriously, I’ve never used as much Vaseline in my life. I don’t know whether it’s the cold weather or the fact that I’ve been under the weather, but my lips are just not the best right now. If you have any other recommendations, please do let me know!

My driving lesson was cancelled this week. Something which I really hate doing as I haven’t driven since the 13th December (my test date) and because I felt dizzy, I just knew that being behind the wheel was a big no. I’ve got a lesson booked in for Tuesday evening after work so I’m hoping that within the next few weeks, I can build my confidence back up after failing my test.

Oh how I miss netball. Remember those Monday evenings when I went to play at my old high school with a bunch of girls who I didn’t know? Good times. I seriously miss it. I haven’t been since the start of December and with exams taking place in the sports hall, the festive break and feeling poorly, I haven’t been. Fingers crossed that tomorrow after my first day, I’ll have the energy to go and play.

This week, I posted 50 Hours In London. It took me four hours to write with three cups of tea and I’ve never been so proud of a post. Yes, it’s a travel one but the reception was absolutely incredible. Shack Shake retweeted me. I’m extremely pleased that you all enjoyed it.

Late last year, I discovered Emily on social media and instantly fell in love with her entire content. Her blog post about her weight really touched me and I must have read it about 6 times, out of sheer love and admiration for this wonderful lady. I urge you to read it.

EL xx
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