A New Chapter: Focusing On My Career

As you read this, I’ll be getting ready for my first day at my new job.

I’ve got to be there for 10am for a full day of meeting my colleagues, setting up my desk and getting to grips with the company.


Since graduating in 2013, it’s been a real struggle for me to find a full time job which I really love and one that I’m not doing “just for the money.” Throughout the years, I’ve been a waitress, a bar maid, a bookseller and a PR Intern amongst many other jobs but I have yet to find an industry which I truly love.

But then I found Marketing.



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When I announced on Twitter that I had been offered a new job, my notifications went crazy from the amount of love and well wishes.

I’ve always been open and honest about my struggle to find full time work and the support has been continually wonderful.

My new role is with a company have 35+ years of experience within their field of work and I will be their Marketing Assistant for the upcoming 9 months. As of this moment, the contract is for a recording period of time with a possible opportunity for it to become permanent. Even though it’s not forever, I’m allowing myself to see this as a learning curve and a chance to learn more about the Marketing industry as no day is different.

*Just a little note: I won’t be saying which company I work for due to privacy reasons.


For me, Marketing is a new challenge every single day.

You can sit down at your computer every morning with some sort of plan as to what work you need to be doing, but with the media changing all the time, you need to keep up and continue to push the company.

In my interview, my blog was mentioned.

I used to be really terrified about putting my blog on my CV because when companies would read it, I would never know what they’d think unless they’d call me for a chat or invite me to an interview.

I’m proud to say that my blog has helped me with being offered this job.

It’s the perfect chance for me to write, to express myself and to show that I’m a visually, creative person. If you’re reading this, without a job or wanting a new challenge, pop your blog onto your CV and be proud of the content in which you create. You never know where it may take you next.

I can’t wait to get stuck in with my new job, I’m sure that I’ll keep you posted on my Sunday posts but for now, it’s time to focus on my career.

EL xx
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  1. Emma, I love this post! I am struggling with trying to find a fulltime job after graduating in 2016. I really want to get into the Marketing industry but I have no prior experience, and I have decided in the last few months to start blogging. Do you have any additional advice on how I could get into the industry without specific Marketing experience?

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