The Perfect Glow

Over the past three years or so, I’ve developed a real love for highlighter.

In particular, MakeUp Revolution.

I’ve spoken multiple times about my love for this brand; their lip kits, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and their very affordable prices.

Just before Christmas, I accidentally found myself in Superdrug browsing their counter, on the hunt for a new highlighter and I purchased a rather beautiful palette..



For many years, I’ve been using the Peach Lights single highlighter (£3) and always being amazed by how gorgeous it is and truth be told, it’s a product I will never tire of using.

When I purchased this palette, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed (aside from a crack in one of the shades) because MakeUp Revolution do highlighters extremely well.

For £8, you have eight shades.

£1 per highlighter, essentially.


On one side of the palette, you have very light shades which are ideal for very pale skin tones. These two shades in particular are ones which I like applying under my brow to give my eyes a little bit of shimmer on a neutral eye make up day.

The two pink toned shades are probably my favourites within the palette and for times when I don’t want to wear any blush, they easily double up as both a blush and a highlighter. They are such beautiful, soft pink shades that are perfect for an every day glow.

Next to the pink are four shades which I was a little bit nervous to use as they’re not my standard highlighting colours. Despite this, I tried them out and was pleasantly surprised by how much of a gorgeous shimmer they gave me. These are ideal for those sun kissed summer inspired days when you want to pretend that you’ve been on holiday, when you secretly haven’t. I’m really looking forward to wearing these more often once the warmer days hit the UK (may be waiting a while!).

It’s worth mentioning that these highlighters are all creamy which is a formula that I’ve never used before (no particular reason) and I was really intrigued by how well they’d blend and last on my face, both with and without primer. But I’m seriously impressed by how long lasting they are and the glow in which they give is just absolutely perfect.

The MakeUp Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette is ideal for the everyday glow, whether you’re working in the office, taking an outfit photo with a blogging friend, or heading out for date night. I can’t recommend this palette enough and I just know that I’m going to get so much use out of it within the next few months.

EL xx
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