Injecting A Pop Of Colour Into My Wardrobe

My only resolution for 2018 is to inject colour into my wardrobe.

I wear a lot of black, navy, white and grey but towards the end of December, I decided that I wanted to start wearing a little bit more colour.

Don’t worry, I won’t be dressed as a rainbow anytime soon, but a little bit of colour has the ability to change my mood which I need from time to time.

When I collaborated with Aintree Shopping Park just before Christmas, I bought myself a scarf from Marks & Spencer which I’ve worn pretty much every single day.



{Photos: Megan *before I chopped my hair off*}

The double brush scarf comes in five colours: black, blue, grey, coral and pink. It is a two toned scarf with a lighter and deeper shade of the colour in question.

You would think that I have the pink scarf.

I thought that as well.

But in fact, it’s coral.

Coral has always been a shade which I’ve been instantly drawn to. My Nan always used to say that was my colour and ever since, I’ve always gravitated towards coral clothing.


I can’t even tell you how soft this scarf is.

It’s unbelievably cosy, very easy to wear and I just adore the two toned colours.

The scarf stands at £12.50 and every time I’m in M&S, I instantly spot it and I may be tempted to treat myself to the blue version as it’s just beautiful.

I definitely plan on wearing this throughout January as we suffer from the cold, wind and rain. It’s the perfect scarf for chilly days as it’s quite chunky when you wrap it around your neck but when you wear it as I am in the photos, it’s just lovely.

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