The Best Jeans On The High Street

I used to hate jeans.

It’s true.

From college right up until my fourth year at University, I used to constantly wear black leggings (no matter the weather).

But now, I’m flipping obsessed but finding the ones which suit your body shape AND make you feel a million dollars is v. tricky business.

I’ve had jeans from Next and Gap for the past 4-5 years and I’ve worn them solidly every day of the week (they got washed, don’t worry), but in January, my trusty three pairs decided to split at the crotch and leave me hanging.

Cheers lads, I owe you one.

That is where Topshop came into play…

Emma (35)Emma (33)

{Photos: Megan}

Let me introduce you to the softest jeans I’ve ever owned: Topshop Joni jeans.Holy Dumbledore, I’m never taking these off (joking, I love my PJs far too much!).

With the whole crotch drama, I was pretty desperate to find a new pair and right now, I’m really loving black jeans and seeing as we’re allowed to wear them for work, it seemed like a no brainer.

I spoke last year about my weight and how I’m struggling with it (still feeling like a whale), so for me, high waisted jeans are ideal as they suck me in a little bit without any breathing issues.

Emma (23)Emma (25)
Emma (31)Emma (32)

With the stretchy yet skin tight material, I’ve never felt better in a pair of jeans before. They sculpt my legs and bum perfectly without making me look an odd shape but there’s a slight problem.

Only slight.

I’m a size 10/12 (due to my Kardashian booty), but because of the Topshop sizing, I’m actually wearing a 14 and every time I think of that, it knocks my confidence as I know that isn’t my sizing but according to a high street brand, it is.

I tried a size 12 on in the dressing room and they fitted perfectly but they were unbelievably tight around my ankles.

Can we petition for all shops to have the same sizing?

Despite the sizing issue, I’m obsessed with the jeans and I’m definitely going to purchase a denim pair this weekend.

EL xx
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4 thoughts on “The Best Jeans On The High Street

  1. Don’t feel down about sizing honey! I’m a standard size 12 and I have three pairs of Topshop Jamie jeans in different colours that all fit me perfectly….
    one in size 10, one in size 12, one in size 14
    Half the time it’s just the slight difference in material with these things!
    Great blog post! – loved your outfit 🤗 x

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