The Sunday Post #06

This week has been an emotional one.

Thankfully, all for the right reasons…

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Sunday Funday

Guess which lovely lady I saw on Sunday?

I’ll give you a clue: she’s as crazy as I am.

Yup, it’s Megan!

On Sunday morning, we hopped on the train and headed into Liverpool, back to the Georgian Quarter for brunch at The Quarter (highly recommend the eggs benedict).

Of course, we took some blog photos and I froze while shooting my H&M jumper (coming v. soon to the blog). I love hanging out with Megan and I can’t wait for us to shoot at the end of the month again!

In case you missed it, I spoke about my new favourite high street jeans a few days again and once again, Meg took some amazing photos for me.



Yup, I finally did it.

After 10 years of having anxiety behind the wheel, I finally passed my driving test after 11 months of having driving lessons and eventually, after overcoming my anxiety, I succeeded with only four minors.

I’m still in shock, I just can’t believe it.

I’m looking at cars today with my Dad as I want to be on the road straight away rather than pushing it back months and months. I honestly can’t wait for my new found freedom and apparently, I need to go through a Maccies drive-thru straight away? It’s a right of passage according to the Mr and my manager.. Who knows?

So, I did it and if I pick up a car today, no doubt, you’ll hear about it next week!

An Unexpected Surprise

After sharing my good news with everyone, I had about three hours to myself in order to relax, catch up with some TV and even write a blog post before picking my nephews up from school. I had booked the day off work, knowing that whatever the outcome, I would want time for it to sink in before going back to the office.

When I was back home after spending a few hours with my nephews after school, I had an unexpected knock at the door in the form of my boyfriend. He had the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand and he also, very cheekily, bought me a little toy Lamborghini. I think I laughed solidly for half an hour!


A Little Work Outing

On Friday morning, we had a work meeting at a beautiful, historical building about half an hour away from where we work (not going to say due to privacy reasons). We have a conference dinner at the beginning of Summer and it’s safe to say that we’ve found the perfect venue!

I can’t wait to bring Megan here in the warmer months so we can shoot some amazing photos.


In Other News..

I’ve been really slacking with reading lately. I’m really enjoying the book that I’m reading at the moment but I just don’t seem to have the time at the moment. I’m hoping I’ll finish the book this week because I really miss reading!

My out of office is ON! I realise that I had Monday off for my driving test, but now, I have Monday and Tuesday off as my best friend from University is coming to Liverpool as we are seeing The Script tomorrow evening. It’ll be the third time that we’re seeing them (second together) and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. Follow me on Instagram to see my Stories from the gig!

EL xx
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