5 Bloggers To Support This Galentines Day

As a woman, I’ve always been supportive of other females.

As a blogger, I’ve always shown my support of female bloggers.

So, with Galentines Day falling on the 13th February, I wanted to share the love for 5 truly wonderful female bloggers.

There are so many other bloggers out there whose content I adore and they certainly don’t go unnoticed (believe me, it was HARD to choose!).

60 Hope Street (2)


I knew I had to start with Bee.

Bee has been with me on my blogging journey since day one and she’s the reason why I’m part of the community. She introduced me to sharing my posts, getting to know other bloggers and most all, she was there for me through it all.

Her content on both her blog and her Instagram are seriously unique. Her tone of voice is so captivating and I find myself reading her posts for hours on end.

I absolutely adore this lady and I honestly don’t know how we haven’t met in the five years which we’ve known one another. She’s one of those rare Internet friends who you can never let go.


You should all know Megan by now – she features on my blog on a regular basis as we’ve become such good friends in a very short amount of time.

Late in 2017, we realised that we’re both Liverpool bloggers and within a matter of weeks, we found ourselves on the streets of the Georgian Quarter taking fashion photos for one other. We laugh, we hunt out the best brunch spots, we chat about what’s going on in our lives but most of all, we support each other and it’s genuine.

Megan may be 7 years younger than me, but I truly don’t know how she hasn’t been in my life longer than a few months. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see my shots popping up from time to time!


Abi is a blogger whose Instagram account I discovered at the end of 2017 and ever since, I’ve been beyond obsessed with her.

I have shouted from her roof tops about Abi over on my Instagram Stories as her feed is absolutely stunning. Her photos are a mix of lifestyle, fashion, her gorgeous dog, food and home interiors which I really enjoy seeing.

I can’t wait until she hits 1k which I hope is v. v. soon!


I think Maria is going to take out a restraining order on me if I carry on bombarding her Instagram with HOLY DUMBLEDORE comments.

But on a serious note, Maria is probably my all-time favourite blogger. I love her blog content, I love how she works with a brand to create an #ad and she has really taken her Instagram to the next level. Last year when I was out of work and feeling like absolute crap, the one person who gave me a daily boost was this young lady and she truly deserves to be a successful full time blogger (she’s well on her way!).


Last but no means lest is another fellow Liverpool blogger, Jessi.

I’ve been following Jessi and her blog for a good two years now and I completely enjoy how she does what she wants, when she wants. Her uniqueness is a breath of fresh air which I love seeing coming to life on her Instagram Stories and well, her husband is pretty funny as well.

Whether you celebrate Valentines Day or not, give the women in your life some love on 13th February!

EL xx
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