The Perfect Jumper For Spring

Okay, so Spring doesn’t technically start until March but still…

I bought this jumper shortly before Christmas and it’s been a staple necessity in my wardrobe. I can wear it out to brunch with friends, to a nice dinner with the Mr or to the office with my Topshop Joni jeans.

It’s a jumper for all occasions.

Emma (26)

Emma (27)
Liverpool (19)
Emma (22)

{Photos: Megan}

In recent months, H&M have had some amazing jumpers and blouses in stock.

I could quite easily spend a good £200 in one go.

With my New Year’s Resolution being to add a pop of colour into my wardrobe, I’ve found myself going for both subtle and bright colours when I’m out shopping and now, I have three pink jumpers which look almost identical, but I promise they’re not.

I opted for this particular jumper as the fabric is light, the colour of pink is light so it’s ideal for any time of day and the price doesn’t break the bank balance.

Emma (21)Emma (20)

Despite having issues with my weight, this is the one jumper which makes me feel really good about myself. The material is soft, it washes really well (you know you’re an adult when you say that) and I’ve had SO many compliments on how much it suits me.

I desperately wish I had a link to share with you, but due to months passing by without me having the chance to take photos, the jumper isn’t currently on the website. But, next time you’re in H&M, I highly advise you have a look at their jumpers as majority of my wardrobe consists of them.

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