Au Naturel With Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, a brand loved by many bloggers, recommended by thousands of women across the globe and little ol’ me finally has her first product.

The Instant Look In A Palette (£49) has been out for almost a year and I’ve wanted to treat myself to it so many times, but the Mr beat me to it.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed using the Natural Beauty Palette; it’s absolutely beautiful and I’m really not surprised that it’s been a roaring success.

CT (2)

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Can we just appreciate how wonderful the packaging is?

Not only that, but if you order online, the care that goes into wrapping your product up is just incredible. I’m always so worried when I receive beauty products in the post as I’ve had a lot of postmen drop my parcels en route to my house and therefore, the product has been some-what broken.

But not Charlotte Tilbury.

They wrapped it beautifully in delicate purple tissue paper, along with my free sample and I was taken back by how well presented it was.

Brands of the world: take note.

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Within the palette, there are seven segments:

  1. Eye – Brighten
  2. Eye – Enhance
  3. Eye – Smoke
  4. Face – Bronze
  5. Cheek – Swish
  6. Cheek – Pop
  7. Face – Enlighten

Since I’ve had this palette, I’ve only used it a handful of times as a) I’m trying to use up my current makeup palettes so I only need this one and b) I don’t want to use it too much as it’s far too beautiful.

Blogger problems.

With the shades being a mixture of champagne, pink and neutral, this palette is ideal for people who are wanting to do softer makeup and look au naturel.

In terms of pigmentation, the eyeshadows (in particular, the smoke) are slightly more pigmented than my usual shadows but with a few taps, all the excess has gone and with them being very blendable, you can create the perfect eye look within moments. I’m not the best at doing eyeshadow, I’ll happily hold my hand up and admit that but with the Charlotte Tilbury website offering tips and tricks, I’m getting slightly better, or so I hope.

With my love for contouring going through the roof, I was very intrigued to see how the bronzer would live up to expectation. The colour is ideal for my skin tone, you can easily build it up if needs be and it’s very easy to blend. I didn’t know what to expect when I first tried it, but I absolutely love it.

CT (5)

Funny story: I used to be afraid of blusher. This is going back many years ago, a good 8-9 years ago when I barely wore makeup, but when I did, I always asked someone else to apply my blusher for me simply because, I was worried that I’d apply too much and resemble a clown. Well, this palette certainly won’t make me look like a clown, that’s for sure. The pigmentation is heavy on the Swish cheek segment, but again, it’s easy to tap off excess and apply as much as you need. As for the Pop, this is such a pretty shade which gives off a lovely freshen to your face.

Last but no means least, the enlighten segment. You all know that I love a good highlighter and I find myself looking forward to applying it every morning to give myself a solid glow throughout the day. For me personally, this highlighter could do with the tiniest bit more of a pop but that’s just my own preference as I love a good cheek glow. However, with it being subtle, you can still build it up and give your face a glisten.

I’m just utterly obsessed with the entire palette and I can’t wait to continually get more used of it within the upcoming months. It’s absolutely perfect to take with you when you go on holiday or away for the weekend on a city break.

EL xx
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