5 Goals For March

Within the first two months of 2018, I’ve achieved three big things: starting my new job, passing my driving test and buying my first car.

It’s been a great start to the year, but now that I have those three kicked off my life to-do list, I’m wondering what’s next for little ol’ me..

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Even I’m shocked that this is on the list let alone the first thing that I mention.

This year, I’ve read three books. For me, that is absolutely dreadful. I have books on my bedside table, I have one waiting to be started in my handbag, I have my Kindle fully charged, reading for me to switch on.

But instead, I’d rather watch YouTube videos or catch up with social media once I’m home from work.

I do have those Sundays where I completely switch off from the world and have a day to myself in which I just tidy up and read. Those are my favourite days, but life does get in the way.

My commute to work on the train is 11 minutes, but now that I’m behind the wheel, I obviously can’t read so my precious time is taken away there. I do have the chance to read on my lunch break but 30 minutes just flies by and by the time I’ve heated my soup up, it feels like I need to rush just to make it back to my desk in time

Drive More

Now that I have my own little car and a driving licence (still waiting on that to come through the post!), I have a lot more freedom and chance to just get out and go.

I drive to and from work every week day and then on the weekends, it’s likely that I’ll drive into town or to my boyfriend’s house to spend some time with him (he’s insured on my car so we can share).

Ideally, I just want to get out more and learn more routes to my favourite places – Formby Beach, Southport, Sefton Park…

I also need to conquer my fear of driving in the dark because as of right now, I’m absolutely petrified as a) it’s dark and b) who knows what will jump out in front of you in the middle of nowhere.


Book a Summer Holiday 


I’m 99% sure that the Mr and I are wanting to book a holiday to Crete for June.

We’ve found a hotel which we both really like and thankfully, the flights aren’t with RyanAir (always a winner) so I’m pretty sure that we’re almost good to go.

We do tend to ponder upon it for a few weeks, that’s exactly what we did with Corfu and we’ll probably end up booking it this month (I hope), so that’ll mean a) we can pay it all now, b) I can attempt to lose weight and c) we can save some pennies for spending.

Spend More Time With Loved Ones 

I still live with my parents but how often do I see my grandparents?

I see my Grandad every Sunday without fail and he rings my Mum every night but I’m starting to feel very guilty for going days without ringing my Nan to see how she is (she’s poorly at the moment with cancer) and I just need to do it.

Honestly, I’m trying my hardest not to even think about her being in a bad way so I do think it’s my way of mentally preparing myself for the day in which she does go.

But still, I need to make an effort because I’ll regret it later on in life.

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Cook More

I love food.

But there is something very satisfying when you made a meal from scratch and it tastes amazing. I really do enjoy cooking – lasagne, pesto pasta with chicken and peas, chicken with sliced potatoes and broccoli in a condensed chicken soup…

I’ve nailed about three dishes but I would love to do more in the kitchen rather than stare inside the fridge for five minutes before deciding that I want something from the cupboard.

I’d love to bake – not just cakes, but maybe some flapjacks or develop my “cow pat” cookie recipe. Trust me, they taste amazing.

I just need to whip the apron on and crack on really!

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6 thoughts on “5 Goals For March

  1. This is such a good post and brilliant goals for March. I’d love to read more but I find it really hard to concentrate.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these! I think it’s so helpful to write out your goals. I’m trying to pinpoint mine at the moment and came across your post! Congrats on passing your driving test and hope you enjoy your holiday! I’m off to crack down on my goals since it’s now the 3rd of March already… xxxx

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