7 Bloggers To Support On International Women’s Day

I wrote a post in February about 5 bloggers who you can support on Galentines Day and with International Women’s Day falling on Thursday 8th March, I thought this was the perfect chance to celebrate female bloggers once more.

There are a lot of wonderful bloggers in the blogosphere – all of who do an incredible job with their content day in, day out but with it being extremely hard to keep up with everything, I’ve decided to share seven more amazing ladies.

You can participate this International Women’s Day by sending a tweet about the important women in your life – Mum, Nan, sister, niece, best friend.

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Girl Power


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How can anyone not adore this lady?

Since she announced her pregnancy last year, I’ve loved every ounce of content whether it’s on her blog or over on Instagram. Now, she’s an amazing Mum and a truly remarkable friend to have.


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Have you seen her Instagram content?

Allie is well and truly kicking it way out of the park and oh my word, she truly deserves all the praise in the world. Her style is unique and she is just one of the coolest bloggers out there.


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I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to Frances for a good two years or so and seriously, she is just incredibly sweet.

Right now, I’m completely obsessed with her fashion content and she’s stepped up her Instagram game like you wouldn’t believe.

I need her to teach me how to pose and not resemble a potato.


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The absolute queen of nailing a photo.

I’ve followed Jordan for so many years and it’s been exciting to see how much her Instagram content has changed. Out of anyone, she truly cares about her photos which comes across so quickly in her captions.

I’m always itching to see how she nails the next pose.


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The American who is superb at London recommendations.

I’ve been in love with Kelly’s Instagram for almost a year now and it is truly wonderful. Her shots of looking up at London buildings are by far my favourite of hers (I’ve shared a few, she knows the ones I mean!) but she’s also great at telling you about the best brunch spots, the best places to take photos and so much more.

I would love to explore London with this babe.


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I am obsessed with this girl and I’m not even sorry.

Surprised she hasn’t told me to bugger off yet! Hahaha. But seriously, Sophie can do no wrong. I discovered her Instagram last year (I think) and ever since, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything she posts.

As of recent months, I’ve become an avid reader of her blog – especially her fashion photos.

I’d just love to have a cuppa, slice of cake and a good ol’ chat with her.


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I shit you not, I bloody love this girl. It’s not even funny how much she makes me cry with laughter. From her hilarious live videos on Instagram to her extremely raw blog posts, I will never not enjoy Vix’s content.

I feel like there is a wall in blogging in what we can and can’t discuss due to the fear of hurting someone’s feelings but with Vix, she writes it in such a wonderful manner that she’ll have everyone’s heads nodding in agreement.

I’d just like to be her best pal for a day. Or an hour. I’ll take either.

EL xx
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  1. Great post–I LOVE how many I’ve seen celebrating women today, and the twist on celebrating fellow bloggers is so fun!

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