6 Things I’ve Learnt As A New Driver

After ten years of anxiety surrounding learning to drive, I’ve finally done it.

I passed my test at the beginning of February (second time round with four minors) and I wish I’d done it sooner.

I bought my first car two weeks after passing my test and I’ve learnt more than I expected…

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It goes without saying, the best thing about having your own car is the freedom to go where you want, when you want because you don’t have to trouble anyone.

I’m yet to do a 3am run to Maccies (highly doubt I ever will), but if needs be, I can pop to the shops, drive to the beach, pick the Mr up, go grab a takeaway.

The possibilities are endless and I love it.

Top Tip: Do small distances first and once you feel confident to do longer drives, purchase a sat-nav just in case your brain goes blank!

Solo Driving 

This is one aspect which I think is really overhyped.

People say that driving on your own for the first time is frightening, but in reality, it really isn’t and you need to give yourself more credit for having the ability to do it.

My first solo drive was from my house to the Mr’s house. Despite him being in his car and me being in mine, I did it and it wasn’t at all frightening. I also tackled the motorway on that drive as well so double points to Gryffindor.

Top Tip: Do a small journey first time (less than half an hour) and make yourself comfortable – with or without the radio. I blasted The Script during my first solo drive.

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Rude Drivers

This one happened last week and I’m still annoyed…

Some wonderful human decided it would be nice to put three deep black scratches into my brand new car. Despite the car being previously owned, it’s mine and I worked very hard for it so you can imagine my frustration when I spotted it.

People don’t care if they scratch your car.

They will happily swing their car door open and smack it into yours because as long as their car is okay, that’s the main thing.

Humans, we’re so lovely.

Top Tip: If this does happen to you, use T-Cup and the scratches will come off straight away!

Oh and not everyone will thank you for allowing them to come through a road even when you have right of way and you’re doing a good deed of the day.


I don’t have road rage. I don’t.

Night Time Driving

Okay, this one still terrifies me.

I didn’t learn to drive in the dark. I learnt to drive during the day and as the sun was about to set so for me, driving in the dark isn’t second nature.

There is simply no way to prepare yourself for driving in the dark so you’ve just got to bite the bullet and do it.

Top Tip: Keep your lights on, be aware of who is around you and slow down early.


With a new car comes a loss in money: petrol being the main one.

I’m very lucky that my Corsa doesn’t burn petrol like it’s going out of fashion and in a month, I’ve only filled up twice and neither have been a full tank!

Top Tip: Get a Costo card (fuel is cheaper there) and fill up on the weekend if you know you won’t have chance during the week.


Give Yourself Credit

When I was learning to drive, I was really hard on myself.

I used to get very anxious when reverse bay parking (you’ve all heard about that) but since passing my test, I’ve realised that I can actually do it.

I’m okay at reversing (not the best) and I’m a good driver. I stupidly made the decision to drive to work when it was heavy snow but I did it. I survived and rewarded myself with a strong cup of tea afterwards.

Top Tip: Give yourself credit.

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  1. Congratulations on passing your test!!! And I love your top tips for new drivers, but unfortunately rude drivers will become a regular occurrence to deal with. Happy driving! x

  2. Congratulations!! Passing your driving test is such a big achievement and you definitely learn so much once you’ve passed xx

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