My Favourite Face Palettes

I never thought I would own so many face palettes.

But I do and I refuse to put them in the bin until there’s no product left.

In reality, they all do the same thing: contour, blush and highlight. But I need them all. Obviously. I need six different face palettes that do the same job.

Oh the life of a beauty blogger.

FacePalette (1)

FacePalette (2)

I’ve spoken about each of these palettes in utter depth but of course, I want to get another blog post out this week so naturally, it’s me just repeating myself by pushing all my palettes together for a few hundred words.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette (£49)

I’ve had this palette for just over a month and it’s my weekend go-to.

As my only high-end face palette, I try to keep this to one side for days when I have more time to spend on my makeup rather than a quick 15 minute job at 6:30am before leaving for work.

This palette is beautiful and covers the entire face: eyes, bronzer, blush and highlighter.

I would say that this is well worth the money as it will last for quite a long time and it produces the most amazing natural makeup look.

MakeUp Revolution

It’s no surprise that I own multiple palettes from MakeUp Revolution as they are one of my all time favourite drugstore brands.

The Renaissance Glow Palette (£8) is the dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze palette and despite having not tried the CT one, I can confirm that the MakeUp Revolution one is stunning.

With contour on one side and highlighter on the other, it’s a brilliant palette to pop into your handbag for touch ups throughout the day. This is constantly in my handbag for days in the office if I feel the need to give my face more of a glow.

The Sculpt & Contour Palette (£3.50) is my go-to palette for work.

With three elements; contour, blush and highlighter – it has everything you could possibly want in a palette and the shades are just superb for my skin tone. With never having tried a blush from MakeUp Revolution before, I was intrigued to see how it would match up to expectation and believe me, it is incredible! You are given a sun kissed glow with the contour, a lovely radiance from the blush and to top it off, the highlighter gives a subtle pop to keep things professional.

Lastly for MakeUp Revolution, we have the Ultra Pro Glow Palette (£8) which has quickly become one of my favourite highlighting palettes of all time.

If you love highlighters, you need this in your life. There is such a variety of highlighting colours and I can not even begin to describe how much of an incredible glow each of them give you. This is definitely coming with me to Crete in June.

FacePalette (3)FacePalette (4)

Rimmel Sculpting Palette (£6.99)

I have very quickly become utterly obsessed with this palette.

So much so that I already have got another one waiting in the wings for when I hit even deeper on pan. The palette contains three elements (much like many other); bronzer, blusher and highlighter.

I’ll be honest: I use this purely for the contour as it is unreal.

I do wish that I would use the blush and highlighter a bit more and maybe I will because Rimmel are definitely under rated when it comes to their palettes.

Sleek Solstice Palette (£9.99)

Fun fact: I was once told by a fellow blogger that I’m not a “real blogger” until I have this palette in life and ironically, I actually already owned it at the time.

Sleek are one of the brands whose products I hardly ever own because I simply don’t know what’s the best of the bunch. However, I do know that this palette is just beautiful, especially the purple highlighter as the glow is just out of this world.

EL xx
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