24 Hours In Harrogate

We have had our trip to Harrogate on the cards since early January.

Seeing as the journey was less than two hours in the car and the Travelodge was under £40, we knew that a little trip away would be perfect.

For a few weeks, I’ve been feeling out of the blogosphere (more on that to come in a separate post), but the 24 hours in Harrogate was the perfect chance to be away from social media and enjoy my surroundings.

The trip consisted of delicious food, a lot of laughter, a lack of photos and many wonderful memories made.

Harrogate (1)

We arrived in Harrogate just before 1pm on Friday.

Check-in was at 3pm and with the area being relatively small, we knew that it wouldn’t take long for us to find our bearings. We had a quick lunch in Wetherspoons as all the cafes were bursting full and when you’re hungry, you just don’t want to wait.

After a quick lunch, we wandered around the town, down the side streets and just generally walking around.

Harrogate is a mini version of York and within half an hour, I was in love. It’s a very quiet area which was just perfect for what we wanted.

Harrogate (2)

Our plan was to indulge in a relaxing afternoon at Betty’s with tea and cake, but seeing as the queue was quite literally out the door, we decided against it and strolled around Montpellier Hill inside.

Harrogate isn’t short of parks (we spotted four sausage dogs) and it’s the best way to free your mind and give yourself a little break.

Once we’d checked into the hotel, we had a few hours free until our evening meal so we had a cheeky nap, chatted about the big things in life and of course, what we’re going to have for dinner.

Harrogate Chinese


For dinner, it was my turn to choose where we ate and to no surprise, I asked for Chinese. We had no recommendations for where to go but with thanks to TripAdvisor, we discovered Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant and oh wow, it was delicious!

Seeing as this trip was a no phone zone, I took no pictures of our food and actually, the restaurant ask you to keep your phone in your bag/pocket (love this!). For starters, we had soup – chicken and sweetcorn for me, crabmeat for the Mr as well as some vegetable spring rolls to share. For main, I had my usual chicken sweet and sour with egg fried rice and the Mr went for chilli chicken with egg fried rice.

Safe to say, the meal was absolutely delicious (highly recommend!) and we had to be rolled out of there. I will warn you now; it’s slightly on the pricey side: three starters, two mains, two rice sides and two drinks came to £53 and that is with a cheeky tip already added on!

Harrogate (3)Harrogate (4)

After a very early night for the both of us, we had a slow start to Saturday. The Mr went for a run (he’s insane, I know!) and I leisurely got ready at my own pace while catching up with the news.

Once we were both ready, we attempted to find somewhere for breakfast but due to it being a weekend and past 10am, we found ourselves back in the Wetherspoon’s for a traditional breakfast and some extra toast (it is delicious).

With breakfast over, we wanted to tick another recommendation off our list: Baltzersens. When I mentioned on Twitter that the Mr loves cinnamon buns, so many of you told us about this adorable café and apparently, it was v. v. good! If the wait for a table wasn’t so long, we would have happily eaten there.

Harrogate (5)Harrogate (6)Harrogate (7)Harrogate (8)Harrogate (9)Harrogate (10)Harrogate (11)

With the weather cheering up slightly and our car park ticket due to expire, we had just over an hour to keep strolling around. If you’re in the area, Water Street is a gorgeous area to take a few photos and to admire the stunning houses. If we were millionaires, we would move here straight away!

Our time in Harrogate came to an end quite quickly but we had such a lovely, relaxing time and taking a day off work was definitely worth it.

With neither of us being completely ready to go home, we went straight to Swinsty Reservoir for a brisk walk before the journey back. If the weather had been a little bit better, the views would have been even more breath taking…

Harrogate (12)Harrogate (13)Harrogate (14)Harrogate (15)Harrogate (16)

Now, we’re onto a new week (a four day one at that) and I’m feeling a lot more refreshed after two days away.

Fresh air can do you the world of good.

EL xx
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