We Are The Generation Of Scrollers

Social media is everywhere.

You walk into a café and you’re automatically connected to the free Wi-Fi. You can get Wi-Fi on planes. People even source out holiday hotels for free Wi-Fi.

You can’t escape it. You can’t escape free Wi-Fi.

Everyone is obsessed with continually updating their channels with what they’re doing right there in the moment and being nosy about what everyone else is up too.

I’m one of them, but it’s time to pull the reins in.

Emma (19)

In a morning, I wake up and the first thing I do is check social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and then my blog notifications.

When I pull up at the office I usually have to wait 10 minutes for someone to open up and where I park, I’m connected to the Wi-Fi so what do I do? I scroll through social media. What on earth could I have missed within an hour?

NOTHING. 99% of the time, I’ve missed nothing.

So why do I do it?

It keeps my brain busy and realistically, I need to keep up to date with social media as my career is in marketing but is that an excuse for hours of endless scrolling?

No, it’s not an excuse at all.

Being present on social media from the work account is necessary, but is it necessary for me to spend majority of my time wondering how my promotional tweets are doing or how my recent Instagram is doing.

Why do I spend so much time online?

We are the generation of scrollers.

Emma (20)

I’m slowly getting back at not wanting to spend so much time on my phone.

I wrote a post all about living in the moment and I still stand by everything that I said in the post. It’s perfectly okay to not be on our phones, it’s okay to update social media the day later, it’s okay to miss out on an hour’s worth of tweets.

Going on holiday for me is the perfect chance to stay away from my phone – I’ll check social media first and last thing in the day but that’s about it.

Wherever we go, everyone is on their phones: texting, scrolling, emailing. You name it, they’re doing it.


Social media is a comfort blanket.

If we’re on our own, we go on social media to feel less alone.

Waiting for a train? On our phone.
Passenger in the car? On our phone.

It’s the only way we know how to pass the time.

Scrolling takes away time and then we complain when it goes too quickly.

“Where has the weekend gone?”

Let me guess, you spent 90% of it on your phone?

Emma (21)

How long can you go without checking social media?

Try it.

Try it for an hour.

Try checking it first and last thing.

Try going a day.

Try going a week.

Be wild and try going a month.

You’ll feel better for taking a break and I bet, you’ll return feeling refreshed.

EL xx
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5 thoughts on “We Are The Generation Of Scrollers

  1. I’m constantly thinking I need to stop spending time on my phone. My phone broke for 2 weeks and I actually enjoyed not even having the option to go on my phone, but of course as soon as I got it back I was scrolling again 😂 definitely going to try and put my phone down more after reading this xx

    1. The irony is that I made people scroll down to continue reading the post. Hahaha. Enjoy having time away from your phone, pick up a book instead xx

  2. I let my phone go dead regularly, but I’m awful at checking social media on my laptop. I’ve wasted so many days scrolling through social media when I could have been doing something more productive, but I’m sure we’ve all been there. When I get into a bad mental health space, though, I take days–and on occasion, weeks–away from social media because I can’t stand to see positive things when I’m not feeling great (that’s SO on me, because I love to be positive when I’m feeling good), and then my friends get worried and start contacting my mum, like it’s some crime not to be attached to social media all the time. It’s such a difficult situation, and something I battle with all the time, but I think striking a happy medium like you suggested, with checking it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, works really well!

    Rebekah xo |

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