The T-Shirt Every 90’s Child Needs

I am a victim of the baby face.

Yet despite being born at the back end of 1990, I always get asked for ID (I don’t actually drink, it’s when I buy the Mr a pint or cider).

But somehow, I never get asked for ID when I’m wearing this t-shirt.

It’s brilliant.

Do you want to know what isn’t brilliant? The fact the t-shirt is currently out of stock. It’s typical and I only bought it less than a month ago.

Emma (24)

Emma (25)Emma (26)

New Look are absolutely killing it with their slogan t-shirts recently.

Every time I go in, I end up leaving with two new ones.

I’m obsessed and I hope they keep on coming!

This one in particular is their white 90’s print t-shirt (Β£7.99) which I feel extremely comfortable in. A lot of the white t-shirts which I own just don’t have the same softness that this one does.

I’ve only styled it with my denim Topshop jeans, but there are so many options and I can’t wait to wear it when I’m in Crete and to jazz it up a little bit.

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6 thoughts on “The T-Shirt Every 90’s Child Needs

  1. Fellow victim of the baby face here! This top sounds like something I REALLY need to get my hands on. I’ve just avoided buying things that require I.D because I know I’ll be asked for I.D, and chances are, I won’t have it on me when I am asked!


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