A Subtle Spring Glow

Spring, you can take off your invisibility cloak now.

I’m attempting to make more of an effort with changing up my makeup rather than using the same set of products for weeks on end. I tend to switch it every Sunday morning, ready for a fresh week ahead.

During the long Easter weekend, I popped into Superdrug to have a nosy at the makeup counters to see if I wanted to try anything new and you all know how much of a sucker I am for a good highlighting palette.

Little did I know that Rimmel have had a highlighting palette (£6.99) out for quite some time and yet, I had zero idea. It seems to have only just creeped into my local stores. Did I need another highlighting palette? The answer is no. So, of course I purchased it and ever since, I’ve been using it non-stop.



I am beyond obsessed with the Rimmel Sculpting Palette for the perfect long-lasting contour and so, having a highlighting palette in the same style is just great.

The palette has been exclusively designed by Kate Moss who has been working in collaboration with Rimmel for SO many years and the outcome of them teaming up is just amazing. I’m really loving what she’s created!

The three shades are ideal for day-to-day use and surprisingly, they’re even better when mixed together to create an evening glow.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this palette already.

The highlighters are all very subtle but easy to build up with an easy change from day to evening. In the palette, there are three shades: a soft pink shade, the ultimate gold shade and then the shade which I’m going to save for my holiday as it is the most beautiful bronze shade.

I plan on using this SO much throughout April so expect all the glow on my cheeks!

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