The Office Dress

I adore this dress.

It is extremely rare that I purchase anything from Dorothy Perkins these days, let alone step into their shop as I just don’t seem to find anything that I particularly like.

However, this dress is the perfect dress for wearing in the office all year round and it’s just the best for days when I feel extremely bloated as it’s quite flattering.



{Photos: Megan}

Can I just say: I changed in the Sefton Park toilets FOUR TIMES and with the people sitting outside the café certainly did a few double takes when I came out in a completely different outfit.

The things you do for your blog content, am I right?

So, the dress..

The black floral fit and flare dress (was £24, now £15) is the ideal dress to wear when you’ve got an important day in the office and looking your professional best is key or failing that, you just want to look and feel good. That dress does that for me.

I currently wear a size 12 which gives me a lot more room around my torso area for days when I’m feeling bloated or Mother Nature has come knocking on my day.

For the colder days, I tend to pair it with tights and my all time favourite boots, but for summer, it will go perfectly with some simple black heels or flats.


My resolution for 2018 was to inject more colour into my wardrobe and despite wearing a black dress, black boots and carrying my black bag around – I have slightly injected colour into my wardrobe with this beautiful deep rose blazer from Primark.

It’s something at least.

I realise that pairing the boots with the dress won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but at the moment, they’re the only suitable shoes which I can drive to/from work in without my calves throbbing (I have short legs).

This dress is the only item in my wardrobe which makes me feel semi good about myself and more importantly: my body.

I currently don’t have the best relationship with my body but it is a very slow work in progress and at the moment, loosing weight isn’t my priority.

I think we should all have that one item of clothing in our wardrobes which makes us feel good about our bodies.

EL xx
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  1. That dress looks great on you! I’ve just recently been to Dorothy Perkins to buy loads of workwear, they actually have some great little dresses and blouses for work xx

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