The Best Photo Spots In Liverpool

Liverpool is a beautiful city.

I developed a real love for the city in 2010 when it was on my doorstep whilst being at Edge Hill University. It has everything to offer: brilliant shops (high street, high end as well as independent), delicious food, amazing events and of course, some of the best photo spots in the North West.

Since I developed a real love for taking photographs, I’ve found myself snapping away at the stunning Liverpool architecture each time I’m there.

So with that being said, I wanted to share some of my favourite photo spots in Liverpool with you..

Liverpool (31)

Liverpool (24)Liverpool (34)Liverpool (36)

The Albert Dock

Whether you capture a photo during a rain fall, a glorious summer day or during sunset, the Albert Dock is one of the most picturesque spots in Liverpool.

If I were you: I’d walk past the carousel, taking a right into one of the openings. Start there and take photos as you’ll go as the buildings become even more beautiful as you walk around. When you get to What’s Cooking? (they do fantastic pancakes), you’ll be able to spot the Liver Building and that, my friends, is the best photo you’ll ever take around the Albert Dock.

But it doesn’t stop there: once you’ve walked past The Tate, you’ll see a handful of food vans (fish and chips, ice cream and perhaps the big bus which is essentially a bar). Again, this is a cute photo opportunity.

Liverpool (06)Liverpool (08)Liverpool (38)Liverpool (41)Liverpool (44)

The Pier Head

Once you’ve walked along the Albert Dock, you’ll soon come to the Pier Head which is made up of three fantastic photo spots.

1. The Water Front

Personally, I love taking photos here when the sun is setting as it is truly beautiful to see the sky turning into a golden colour. Here, Liverpool also have a connection to Paris: people began to add padlocks to the bridge and it is a heart warming touch.

2. The Port of Liverpool Building

You won’t be able to miss this building as it stands grand and tall over looking the water. This is a beautiful building and in my opinion, it doesn’t get enough recognition as it deserves as it truly is magnificent.

3. The Royal Liver Building

London has Big Ben and Liverpool has the Royal Liver Building. This is the official building of Liverpool as it over looks the beautiful city in all its pride. I adore this building, it’s beautiful statue birds standing on top and the attention to detail with every single window.

60 Hope Street (2)60HopeSt115

60 Hope Street

You know the door I always show on my Instagram? The one with the beautiful decorations surrounding it? Well this is 60 Hope Street, located right near the Georgian Quarter.

Each season, the door changes. Each occasion (Valentines, Easter, Summer, Halloween, Winter, Christmas), the door changes. I have loved walking up to Hope Street, admiring the beautiful display in which the company has created.

Fun fact: This door never gets busy so you won’t have to wait long for a photo opp. It’s Liverpool after all, not London. Once you’re here, it’s the ideal chance to head to the next two suggestion spots..

Emma (06)Emma (07)

The Quarter

The Quarter (just across the street from 60 Hope Street) is a cute restaurant which does the most amazing eggs benedict, but not only that, once you’ve eaten inside, it’s great to take a few photos outside as the décor is so subtle and great for a sit down blog photo shoot.

Liverpool (09)Emma (05)Liverpool (10)Emma (09)Liverpool (12)Emma (10)

The Georgian Quarter

While you’re at 60 Hope Street and The Quarter, you may as well take a wander around the Georgian Quarter as it’s a) fantastic for those door photos, b) great for outfit photos as it’s a very quiet area and c) the houses are just beautiful.

Megan and I have taken photos here many times and I’ll never tire of wandering around the streets, taking in new sights every time before wandering back down into the city.

Blossom (07)Dress(8)Blossom (08)NoPromisesTee(15)

Sefton Park

You’ll need to venture out of the city for this final photo opportunity, but believe me: it’s so worth it as it is a truly spectacular park which it was inspired by Central Park. You can either get the train from Liverpool Central to Hunts Cross (get off at St. Michaels) or drive there as parking is free.

If you catch the blossom at the right time, you will have the most beautiful photos but also, if you go in the autumn, you’ll still have fantastic photos as the leaves turn to spectacular colours. I can’t wait to drag Megan here in the colder months for several photo shoots.

If you time it right (or do your research), the Palm House will be open and well, London has the Palm House in Kew Gardens so naturally, Liverpool has it’s very own. Sadly, I’ve not taken a photo here as of yet but it’s only a matter of time before I do.

I know there are many more photo spots in Liverpool so perhaps I’ll do another one in a few months time?

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  1. My boyfriend is from Liverpool so next time we’re there I’m definitely heading to some of these places – they look lovely!! I love the docks, especially when they’ve got the Christmas markets on Xx

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