The Slogan T-Shirt Trend

I’m not one to follow fashion trends.

Since being a teenager, I’ve worn what I’ve wanted to wear, I’ve dealt with the girls who mocked my choices but I’ve always stayed true to my own fashion style.

However, I have 100% jumped on the trend that is slogan t-shirts and it is safe to say that New Look have well and truly been slaying the game for the past few months.

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Slogan t-shirts have truly taken the blogosphere by force and can you blame us?

They’re just absolutely perfect to wear with a pair of jeans, shorts or even trousers.

For me, New Look are the brand who I have been obsessed with over the past few years, but more recently, I’ve gone into the shop more and more purely to see if they have any new slogan t-shirts in stock.

It was actually the Mr who spotted this particular slogan t-shirt and pointed me in the direction of it (thanks babe!) and it is safe to say that I am wearing it pretty much every single weekend.

The No Promises slogan t-shirt (currently out of stock) is a current piece of my wardrobe which is unbelievably comfortable.

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With an over stripe print, a round neckline, simple short sleeve as well as a lovely slogan across the chest, this is probably the best slogan t-shirt I own.

What else can I say?

I love it.

It is safe to say that I am officially on the slogan t-shirt bandwagon and I love it.

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  1. Oh this is such a cute slogan t-shirt! I love these style of t-shirts as they’re so easy to style xx

    Lauren |

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