A Lunch Date With PieMinister

I love finding new places to eat in Liverpool.

Bold Street in Liverpool is home to multiple independent food spots which are fantastic for any meal of the day.

During the May Bank Holiday, the Mr and I were invited to PieMinister (opposite the opening for Concert Square) to try out their menu and let me tell you: they had me at the décor!



If you’re ever in Liverpool and you find yourself with a craving for pie and mash – head to PieMinister as I was rather impressed with how delicious their food is.

Being completely honest: I went in with no expectations of what the food would be like, I haven’t heard any other bloggers talking about the restaurant and I did zero research.

I was very, very impressed.


For me, a pie has to be chicken and mushroom and so with that being said, I ordered the Fungi Chicken (free range British chicken, Portobello and chestnut mushroom pie) with mash and gravy. The pies are priced at £5.95 with gravy and if you’re looking to top it up with mash, there is an extra charge of £2.50.

Let me say this: it was better than I ever expected.

The portion sizes are just spot on (I did leave a little bit) and the gravy is so juicy and matches up to which meat is within your pie. As for the mash, add another knob of butter in and your girl is happy.

I could happily eat that again.


As for the Mr, I believe he opted for the Moo pie (British beef steak and craft ale pie) with a side of PieMinister Slaw.

It is safe to say that he really did enjoy his pie as well. But for me, I thought the slaw was overly sweet and seeing as I have many sweet teeth, that was a bit too much for me. It kind of tasted as it if they’d added granulated sugar into the fold.

It didn’t stop the Mr from inhaling his though!

Oh and it’s worth noting that for an extra 55p, you can make both of our chosen pies Gluten Free!


After our pies, we were treated to two of the Soft Serve Sundaes which are made with fresh organic milk.

The Mr went for the Cherry Pie (vanilla, cherry, frangipane and toasted almonds) and I went for the Strawberry Blonde (vanilla, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce). You have the option of getting a classic cone for £4.50 or a super for £6.50.

Being completely honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the sundaes and for the pricing of them, I think it’s quite shocking. It isn’t noted anywhere on the menu that the edge of the cone is topped with coconut flakes and for someone who has an allergy to coconut, I was quite surprised that it wasn’t noted anywhere.

For me, it just wasn’t anything special. It just lacked the wow factor in which I really hoped it would have.


Overall, I was impressed with PieMinister.

It’s a great place to go if you want some comfort food during your day in Liverpool or you can go in the evening when you’re all shopped out.

Don’t worry if you’re not near Liverpool as PieMinister have you covered all over the UK: Birmingham (Waterloo Street), Bristol (Stokes Croft), Bristol (Broad Quay), Brixton (London), Cardiff (St. Mary Street), Leeds (Duncan Street), Nottingham (Long Row) and Sheffield (Division Street).

Thank you very much to the lovely PR team for kindly inviting us.

EL xx
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