Celebrate Fathers Day With bakerdays

Am I living the blogging dream by writing about cake?


You may know that I often collaborate with bakerdays who are a company who send a range of personalised cakes through your letter box for any occasion whether it’s a birthday, wishing someone good luck, sending your congratulations to a friend or allowing your Dad to eat all the cake for Fathers Day.

Spoiler: He didn’t eat all the cake. We shared.

Fathers Day (01)

Fathers Day (02)Fathers Day (03)

My relationship with my Dad has been amazing since day one.

Everyone continually comments on how I look exactly like him (aside from the fact that I have hair!), our personalities are very similar but our sense of humour is 100% the same. He has always been the one to give me the confidence to do anything I wanted and knowing that he’s only ever a text or phone call away will always reassure me that if the time came, he’d jump to my rescue.

bakerdays very kindly gifted my Dad a personalised cake for Fathers Day two weeks prior to the date as I’m actually going to be in Crete on the day (don’t worry, he doesn’t mind in the slightest).

Fathers Day (04)

I opted for the “complimentary drinks” cake as it was probably the funniest cake design that bakerdays have to offer. In previous collaborations, I’ve always asked for the vanilla sponge but this time, I decided upon chocolate…


That cake is beyond delicious.

You know the word that all the women in the world hate? I’m about to say it for collaboration reasons only.

It’s moist. The cake is very moist.

I could happily eat one to myself (I won’t, don’t worry), but it made my Dad smile a fair amount when he realised that my blog parcel was actually for him!

With bakerdays, you have the options of size as well as flavour which I really like. For collaborations, I always ask for the letterbox cake and for the sponge, you can choose between traditional (vanilla) sponge, lovely lemon drizzle sponge, half chocolate and half sponge, gluten wheat free sponge, dairy free sponge and finally, rich chocolate chip.

If you’re struggling what to get your Dad / Grandad this Fathers Day, you certainly can’t go wrong with a bakerdays personalised cake!

Fancy getting your Dad a cake? Feel free to use my discount code: OWLSANDSTAGS15 for 15% off until the 31st July.

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