6 Summer Holidays Reads

This time next week, I’ll be in Crete.

We only have four more days lefts in work before we jet off bright and early on Thursday morning and I can not wait.

On a weekly basis, I’m very surprised at how many people ask me for book recommendations but now that the summer holidays are creeping up on us, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share six book suggestions with you all.


Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail HoneymanYou know the book which you keep seeing on everyone’s Instagram? This is it. I devoured this book within a weekend as well as my work lunch break. If you want to really digest a plot about a strong character, then I highly recommend this one.

“On nights like those, Mummy’s voice hisses inside my head and another voice, a smaller, timid one nestles in close to my ear, so close that I can feel her hot, panicky breath moving across the tiny hairs that transmit the sound, so close she barely needs to whisper.”

Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher

The most recent book by Giovanna will allow you to feel completely uplifted from start to finish. It is a book that all women ought to read as sometimes, it isn’t about finding true love, it’s finding what makes you love yourself and to be true to who you really are.

“People are meant to come into our lives and affect us. They’re meant to challenge us and help us to grow.”

The Summer Of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman

Ok, this was probably my one of my favourite books of last year and for those who have already read it, you’ll understand why as it is utterly magical. From start to finish, I adore this plot and there wasn’t a single page in which my attention wasn’t grabbed.

“I’ve lived all my life with this story and it has never gotten any easier. But for you, too, it’s going to be very hard for you.”

The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon

Annoyingly, I don’t have a review or quote for this book on my blog (it was on my old, deleted one!), but nevertheless – this is my favourite chick-lit book of all time. Quite the statement, I know but it is just utterly perfect and there are no words for how much I inhaled the love story of Laura and Leo.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

I wanted to include a mystery book into the list of recommendations as sometimes, you want a book which you can’t put down on holiday whilst you’re relaxing and for me, it has to be this book. Despite guessing the ending, it is just fantastic!

“You know, I think I have seen him before, but I don’t know where.”

My Not-So Perfect Life by Sophia Kinsella

This was my book during our holiday to Corfu in September and even though I only managed to read a few chapters here and there between our exploring days, I really did enjoy it. It’s the ideal book which will grab your attention for an hour or two and allow you to think about those “perfect” images we see on Instagram.

“You lived in the same house all your childhood. You have a two-hundred-year-old farming background keeping you stable and grounded. Your Dad loves you more than anyone could love anything in the world.”

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6 thoughts on “6 Summer Holidays Reads

  1. I have Eleanor Oliphant on my reading list for this summer and everyone is saying it’s amazing so I can’t wait! I also picked up The Summer of Impossible Things the other day but put it back down again so I’ll definitely be going back for that. And the Couple Next Door oh my goodness I loved it, I couldn’t put it down!! x

  2. I love any sophie kinsella book, but haven’t read this one yet. Eleanor Oliphant really draws my attention as well, haven’t heard about it before so thank you!

  3. I love Eleanor Oliphant it’s so good! Some Kind of Wonderful is on my Amazon wishlist because I love all of Gi’s books they’re amazing. Going to check out The Summer of Impossible Things now, I’ve never heard of it but it sounds good so thanks for the recommendation!

    Jess //

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