What I Wore In Crete

Being away on holiday is the perfect opportunity to dress up and wear outfits that you wouldn’t necessary be able to wear at home in the UK.

With that being said, I dressed up a little bit for our evenings in Crete and you know what?

I felt bloody fantastic.

Yes, there were some nights when I had to wear the same dress twice and some nights, I did opt for a more relaxed style but that’s okay because you’re on holiday and it’s acceptable to dress how you like.



Our first evening in Crete was all about finding our feet, sourcing out the local nearby shops and of course, the photo spots.

New Look are my favourite go-to shop for comfortable dresses for summer evenings. I bought this gorgeous red, flower patterned dress many, many months ago (hint the no link because I always forget to search for it once I purchase an item) and wearing it in Crete made me feel so good.

For all of my outfits, I wore  my all time favourite gladiator shoes which I must have had for well over a decade and it’s safe to say, that they’re in desperate need of a replacement. As always, I wore my New Zealand necklace which I’ve had since I was 11 and some simple H Samuel earrings. Then for my bag, I put my belongings into this incredibly cute red Marks & Spencer bag which just about fits my phone, our room key as well as some Euros.


This was the one outfit that I really, really wanted to wear as I bought the dress in August but never got the chance to wear it in Corfu.


I felt like a Spanish dancer, walking around the streets of Crete.

Once again, New Look pulled through with this beautiful red dress which just flowed perfectly in the wind (and makes for a great photo!). I would never usually wear a dress like this as it hugs every inch of your body and being insecure, I didn’t think I would feel comfortable.

But I did.

I felt amazing and I will happily wear this dress again.


On our third night, I decided to chill things out as a) I had sunburn and b) I wanted a night off from shaving my legs and wear a dress.

You can’t blame a girl, can you?

I have had this top from absolute years (yes, it’s from New Look) and I teamed them up with some extremely comfortable linen trousers from Primark.

It’s a simple outfit, one in which I would wear at home and wear with such ease when the evenings abroad are still quite warm.


During our trip, taking outfit photos during the day was out of the questions as it was either too warm or I was in a swimsuit (nobody needs to see that).

When we were on our boat trip on the Sunday, I opted for the 90’s t-shirt which I constantly wear during the Summer and I teamed it up with my new denim shorts.

A simple outfit which kept me surprisingly cool throughout the heat.

Oh and the hat is from Primark and the backpack is from H&M.


For our final night in Crete, I went pretty casual again as 99% of my suitcase was packed and ready for the journey home. You may / may not notice that I’ve skipped an evening and well, this was due to my sunburn – I opted for a loose white dress but half way through dinner, my back was far too warm and so, a change was needed.

I have a real love for linen trousers at the moment and so when I spotted a blue pair in Tesco, I knew that they would team up brilliantly with a plain white t-shirt and some sandals.

And so, that is what I wore in Crete! Plus swimsuits obviously..

EL xx
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