The Best High End Mascara

High end beauty products aren’t a big part of my daily makeup routine.

I’m very much a fan of the drugstore products which I can easily pick up without my bank balance having a slight cry at the price, but every now and then, I do treat myself to certain high end beauty items.

It just so happens that my favourite mascara of all time is high end and I am utterly obsessed with it.

Roller Lash (01)

Roller Lash (02)Roller Lash (03)Roller Lash (04)Roller Lash (05)

I tell everyone and their dog about this mascara as it is just the best and if you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I don’t have the best of lashes. Throughout my teen years, I used to pull my lashes out (gross, I know) and now, I’m paying the price because they are super tiny.

Roller Lash by Benefit (£21.50) is a super curling and uplifting mascara which has done wonders for my lashes.

Granted, they’re not exceptionally long but they’re longer than what they used to be with thanks to Roller Lash.

I remember purchasing an Elle magazine a few years ago simply because it included a mini version of the Roller Lash and ever since, it has been my holy grail mascara.

Nothing else will compare to it.

Roller Lash (06)Roller Lash (07)

Can we talk about the packaging for a second?


The simply pink and black theme of the mascara tube and package is seriously effective as it’s also the one that catches my eye when I’m in Debenhams and John Lewis.

Roller Lash grabs, separates, lifts and curls all the lashes.

Yes, that’s right – ALL the lashes (even those tiny ones right in the corner).

This isn’t just a mascara which gives your lashes 12 hours of lift, but it also takes care of them as the formula includes provitamin B5 and serin which is essentially conditioner for your lashes.

Amazing, right?

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7 thoughts on “The Best High End Mascara

  1. I love the packaging and the design. I like drug store mascaras too because as you said they are accessible and don’t cost a lot. I did splurge on a mascara from Bare Minerals that I’ve fallen in love with.

  2. I have this mascara but I must admit it’s not my fave! I got the Better than Sex recently and I like it better. I just don’t find myself reaching for this one as much! Love your photography! xx

    Angela |

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