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10 Instagram Locations In Bath

Instagram locations are forever being hunted down by bloggers, photographers and people who are a little bit snap happy.

With that being said, we had 26 hours in Bath recently and I wanted to visit as many picturesque spots as I possibly could. With the aid of Visit Bath and #igersbath, I saved quite a few photos (50+) into a collection on Instagram and noted down any street names within my notepad. This way, we got to see the beautiful sights whilst taking all the photos.

We did have a press pass kindly gifted to us from Visit Bath in which we used for Bath Abbey and The Roman Baths, so please know that when you see those photos, we were there in collaboration and that blog posts will be coming up for those spots very soon.

*This post is photo heavy!

Bath (09)

Bath (10)Bath (13)Bath (14)Bath (15)Bath (19)Bath (21)

Location #1: The Royal Crescent

Built in 1774, The Royal Crescent is a row of thirty Grade 1 Georgian terraced houses laid out in a sweeping crescent complete with neutral doors and is one of Bath’s most iconic landmarks. Here you will discover people from all corners of the globe, taking photos of the beautiful buildings, the stand-out yellow door as well as the owls (dotted around the city until September 2018).

This particular owl is called Emily and can be found outside The Royal Crescent Hotel. Sponsored by Norland College, the owl can named after the founder of the college who began training nannies 150 years ago.

Postcode: BA1 2LS

Bath (28)

Location #2: Royal Victoria Park

This house is something out of a fairy tale, I’m certain of it.

If you walk along the Royal Crescent, you will find yourself walking down towards the park and within the driveway, you will spot this beautiful hidden house.

Opened in 1830 by Princess Victoria (aged 11), the breathtakingly beautiful park is open 24 hours to the public and spans across 57 acres. Gather your friends for a game of tennis, mini-golf, zip lines and if you have children – pop them in the playground for hours of fun!

Postcode: BA1 2NQ

Bath (37)Bath (97)Bath (115)Bath (130)

Location #3 – Bath Abbey

The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is a beautiful abbey, free of charge, available for all religions to worship at and to wander around the mesmerising abbey.

With our press passes, we were able to have a guided tour of the abbey from the bottom right up to the top and despite the 212 steps going up (you’ll feel the burn!), I would happily do it all over again.

The views. Wow. I am a big fan of being a small ant on the ground and then watching everyone from up above. There is something so fascinating about having a bird’s eye view and you really do receive that from the abbey. If you’re lucky, you’ll also hear the clock chimes whilst you’re descending up / down the steps.

Tour Prices: £8 (Adult), £4 (Child).
Postcode: BA1 1LT

*I’ve not shared many photos of the Abbey as there is a full blog post coming up!

Bath (39)Bath (40)

Location #4 – Great Pulteney Street

Great Pulteney Street is a beautiful street, leading directly to the Holburne Museum of Art. If you’re a fan of wandering up and down rows of magnificent houses, then you will fully enjoy this street.

Even better as it flows perfectly onto the next location..

Postcode: BA2 4DL

Bath (42)Bath (43)Bath (44)Bath (45)

Location #5 – Pulteney Bridge

Designed in 1769 and completed in 1774, the bridge crosses the River Avon and connects to the city of Bath. Lined with a selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, Bath Rugby Club’s official merchandise store and regular boat trips into Bathampton, the bridge offers so much more than just a picturesque view.

Out of all the spots within Bath, this is a photo that I had really high hopes for and not to toot my own horn, but I’m very pleased with the outcome as we managed to capture the timing perfectly before the sun began to set.

Postcode: BA2 4AT

Bath (51)Bath (61)Bath (76)

Location #6 – The Roman Baths

Constructed around 70AD, The Roman Baths is one of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world. With 1,170,000 litres of steaming spring water reaching 46°C, the baths are filled every single day and to my surprise, I thought the water would smell but actually, it didn’t.

Top tip: If you’re after the perfect photo with no people in the background, be first in the queue on a weekday (preferably when children are in school).

I absolutely loved The Roman Baths and would happily go again as it was extremely interesting despite not being a big fan of history.

Postcode: BA1 1LZ

*I’ve not shared many photos of The Roman Baths as there is a full blog post coming up!

Bath (149)Bath (150)

Location #7 – Hay Hill

Hay Hill, home to the Baptist Church is a beautiful alleyway deep in the heart of Bath.

I was in awe of this beautiful street and with thanks to Instagram, it was very easy to find as well as photograph. The alley dips down which adds fantastic depth to the photo (as if I know what I’m chatting about!).

Postcode: BA1 5LZ

Bath (08)

Location #8 – Queen Square

Queen Square, designed and built between 1728 – 1736 is the heart of the professional district within Bath. Home to the Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, the square of Georgian houses is a few steps away from The Jane Austen Centre and is ideally to take five from the steep hills to the heart of Bath.

With us staying in the Travelodge on George Street, we parked on Charlotte Street which meant we walked past this beautiful building many times. I regret not taking more photos of it as it is so captivating to the eye.

Quite possibly, the most beautiful house I’ve ever taken a photo of.

Postcode: BA1 2HX

Bath (29)Bath (30)Bath (31)Bath (33)Bath (34)

Location #9 – New Kings Street 

*I really hope I’ve got the street name correct.

Funny enough, this is the one location which we became very lucky with as there was nobody around and we stumbled across it en route to dinner. Bath may be filled with beautiful, bright coloured doors but if you’re after an entire row of them – head to New Kings Street.

Postcode: BA1 2BN

Bath (151)Bath (152)

Location #10 – Topping & Company Booksellers of Bath

I couldn’t visit Bath without having a nosy in the most spectacular bookshop, could I? There are rows upon rows of incredible books from all genres and they even have ladders – just like in the library from Beauty and the Beast. It’s just a shame that the name is so long as I really wanted a photo of outside of the shop.

Postcode: BA1 5LS

I’m certain that there are so many more Instagram locations within Bath (there’s a few more in my photo album), but for now, I will leave you with ten fantastic ones.

EL xx
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