What I Spent In July

Being unemployed with no monthly income is difficult.

It is both emotionally and mentally draining having no full time job and yet, there are still payments that need to be made.

Hannah Gale recently wrote a blog post about how much she spent in a week on food and drink and after reading, I began wondering about how much I tend to spend and with the current state of me being unemployed (sigh, I’d like a job now please), I have to be very careful with my dollar.

Granted, I have been extremely careful within July – only spending what I really need (that went down the drain quickly) with the odd treat thrown in (read: multiple treats) and of course, we had a week long trip to Bath, Cornwall and Cardiff which meant getting the purse out a fair few times during the day.

July Flatlay

Week One: Sunday 1st – Sunday 8th

Sunday 1st
Petrol = £29.09

Tuesday 3rd
Mersey Rail Ticket = £3.90
Cosy Club = £18.05
Personal Training = £170.00 (for 10 lessons!)

Thursday 5th 
Chef & Brewer = £37.30

Saturday 7th 
Tesco = £5.86
Spar = £2.19

Sunday 8th
O’Neills = £18.20
Sports Direct = £34.03
Nailista = £20.00

Week One = £338.62

If it wasn’t for my Dad’s birthday and the start of my personal training sessions, the first week wouldn’t have been so flippin’ expensive.

Week Two: Monday 9th – Sunday 15th

Tuesday 10th
Car Wash = £6.00
ASDA = £14.72

Wednesday 11th 
Train Ticket = £3.90
Costa Coffee = £2.95
O2 Phone Bill = £16.10
Primark = £10.00

Friday 13th
Wilkinsons = £11.55

Week Two = £65.22

Week Three: Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd

Monday 16th
WHSmith = £2.75
Leon Fast Food = £13.90

Tuesday 17th 
Same Same But Different Café = £13.80
Sainsbury’s =£4.80
H&M = £13.04
The Pier House Hotel = £38.00

Wednesday 18th
Premier Inn Breakfast = £15.00
Holmbush Pub = £26.10

Friday 20th 
Arriva Train = £11.80

Saturday 21st 
Wetherspoons = £6.80
ASDA = £17.69
Diesel Money (For the Mr) £35.00

I knew that this week would be expensive as it was our trip to Bath, Cornwall and Cardiff but with us having two press passes for Bath and The Eden Project, it was a little lighter on our bank accounts.

Week Three = £198.95

Week Four: Monday 23rd – Tuesday 31st

Tuesday 24th
ASDA = £3.76
ASDA Petrol = £31.42
Car Insurance = £80.42
Tesco = £2.00
Boots = £14.97
Nando’s = £8.20

Wednesday 25th
Nails = £23.00
ASDA = £11.94

Saturday 28th
Amazon = £9.48
Subway = £9.10
The Body Shop = £17.50
Thortons = £7.00
Waitrose = £1.45

Monday 30th
ASDA = £42.66

Tuesday 31st
Train Ticket = £3.90

Week Four = £266.80

Overall, I spent £869.59 in July. That is a lot for someone who is unemployed. I should probably point out that I received £300 in holiday pay from my previous employee so that evens it out ever so slightly.

If it weren’t for having a holiday, I know I would have spent less.

August, let’s be cheap!

EL xx
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6 thoughts on “What I Spent In July

  1. I love your photos at the side of your post! They look so uniform and satisfying haha
    I hope you spend less next month! Holidays are always expensive though – I hope you got time to relax and enjoy 🙂 x

  2. Definitely stressed over money, as well! I’ve been tossing around the idea of keeping a monthly spend log in my bullet journal – I think it will definitely help!

    Love Hannah Gale, as well! One of my favorite blogs to read!

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