My Obsession With Linen Trousers

I have had a strong love for linen trousers for a solid three years now.

I have three pairs – two from Primark and one from F&F Clothing (who have recently gone offline and are now in-store only so no links!).

Before we went to Crete, I purchased a pair of deep blue floral tile print beach linen trousers and I just can’t stop wearing them. Granted, we had an insane heat wave throughout June and July but linen trousers are perfect for those cooler days when denim shorts just aren’t an option.

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{Photos: Megan}

I’m very much into comfort over style.

I’m not that girl who is going to wear the latest high street fashion because a) I don’t follow trends and b) I’ve always worn what I’m comfortable in.

That is where linen trousers come in.

They’re comfortable.

They look fantastic.

The fabric is amazing (they’re v. easy to wash and dry).

They can be teamed up with pretty much any top and shoes – plain tees, logo tees, trainers, sandals. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

F&F (01)F&F (02)F&F (07)F&F (08)

These linen trousers are ideal for ANY day.

Bloated? First day of your period? Going out for a big dinner?

Stick on a pair of linen trousers because with the elasticated waistband, you don’t have to worry about struggling to fit into them and with the pattern, they’re very flattening.

I paid around £13-£16 for these trousers and I would happily purchase another pair from F&F Clothing.

EL xx
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