A Morning At The Roman Baths

We were only in Bath for 24 hours but during the short time that we were there, we managed to fit in a handful of tourist attractions and the main one on my list was The Roman Baths. The well-preserved Roman site which was opened in 1897 to the public is available to visit from 9am on a daily basis and it is a must see for when you’re visiting.

This post is written in collaboration with Visit Bath who provided us with press passes for our time in the beautiful city.

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You really can’t miss where The Roman Baths is located as it’s a) right next to the Abbey, b) it’s in the centred of the city and c) there are sign posts everywhere.

Despite the baths being located smack bang in the centre, it is surprisingly quite.

Top tip: If you want to go without a lot of tourists popping up in photos, make sure you’re one of the first in the queue. We visited at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning when children were in school and it was bliss. There was hardly anyone around which meant you didn’t have to wait to get a photo from a certain point.

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Upon arrival, you will be given an audio guide in your chosen language to use throughout your time at the baths. The guide is exactly what it says on the tin – a guide and it is completely your choice whether you want to use it or not.

Honestly, I dipped in and out of the audio guide as I didn’t want to be stood in one particular spot for five minutes. I wanted to wander on my own accord and The Roman Baths give you the freedom to do so.

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The Terrace

Overlooking the Great Bath, the terrace is the first point of call when you enter the baths and believe me when I say this, the views around you are rather spectacular. The statues which are dotted around the terrace date back to 1894 and they are quite something!

Bath (66)

Sacred Spring and Associated Objects

This is the one part of the baths which I had no idea about and I desperately wish I had more photographs to share with you all but sometimes, you just need to admire with your own eyes.

Fun fact: 240,000 gallons of water rises here on a daily basis.

I’m not 100% certain if this part is open to the public as we only viewed it through a window but nevertheless, it is an incredible addition to the baths.

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The Great Bath

This is the main attraction and I was absolutely amazed by how magnificent it is. If you’re wanting photos, make sure you’re here early because the quiet of the baths is just incredible.

Lined with 45 sheets of lead, filled with hot spa water and 1.6 metres deep, the Great Bath is essentially a huge pool in which the Romans would have used for bathing. The architecture is beautiful and very true to the time period.

Our time in the Roman Baths lasted around an hour and it was well worth a visit. I’m glad we decided to visit first thing in the day as the sun wasn’t too strong but good enough for photos.

Thank you to the lovely Visit Bath team for collaborating with me on this post.

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