The Dress To Wear When Running Out The Door

It is very rare that I throw an piece of clothing on before dashing out for an hour or so, but then again, I don’t exactly plan my outfits in advance unless it’s something special.

With that being said, I have found a particular new aspect of my wardrobe which is the best to wear when I’m heading out for dinner with the Mr or needing to grab a few food essentials from ASDA. It’s comfortable, it’s practical but most importantly..


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When we were in Bath, I popped into H&M with the Mr as he wanted a pair of shoes. I didn’t plan on buying any clothes but that is always the case isn’t it?

I picked up this khaki green jersey dress (£12.99) in a size 12 and despite it being loose, I have loved having it as an essential in my wardrobe. It goes perfectly with a pair of trainers, sandals or once the fresher mornings are upon us, a pair of brown boots.

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At the moment, I’m working on loosing weight so wearing clothing that isn’t tight is a big must for my wardrobe at the moment. Plus, I always go for comfort over style any day of the week.

The slouchy jersey dress is made from a blend of cotton and modal with short sleeves with sewn in turns up, an elasticated waist, a slight flared skirt and the best part: it has pockets. Not just little ones for a hairclip or two but ones that will contain your iPhone 7 Plus and that’s saying something as they don’t fit into jean pockets.

I don’t own any green pieces of clothing in my wardrobe so it was a matter of whether I feel comfortable in the dress or not, but if it’s not your colour, the £12.99 dress also comes in black, natural white with black stripes as well as yellow with white stripes.

I’m hoping to purchase the black one once I drop down to a size 10.

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